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Jessi Genco
I'm into design, fashion, food, and music. I'm a little saucy. The fact that I used the word "saucy" probably says some stuff about me. Come hang.
I'm into design, fashion, food, and music. I'm a little saucy. The fact that I used the word "saucy" probably says some stuff about me. Come hang.

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Movin' on...over.
HELLO! I've moved. Kind of. I feel like this blog is my baby...I've been nurturing (and occasionally...okay, more often than not, neglecting) it for...what, four years? Five?? Either way, that's a long time. And I'm kind of emotional about leaving. So I'm n...

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Can we not, PLEASE.
Heeeey. Hey hey. Still here. Just hanging out. And I have a (mildly) entertaining post to share, but first, I need to rant briefly. I just read  this  article about fast food workers demanding to make $15 an hour, and I've had it up to here  (picture me hol...

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Just Saying.
These flowers smell so damn good.

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My Skin Care Routine
My skin has had its ups and downs. Growing up, all the way until adulthood, I had virtually perfect skin. I never had any problems at all as a teenager - no acne flareups, no nothing. Due to this, I didn't really have to develop a skin routine out of necess...

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Weekend Wrap Up
It probably goes without saying that this was a (delightfully) hectic week. I don't think I've ever received so much attention in my whole life, for any reason. Now to get down to planing a wedding (gulp). I'm not going to lie, I'm ready to get through the ...

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Pictures from the weekend
Well, I'm back from a little blogging break. No worries, nothing was/is was just a combination of feeling kind of uninspired, writing-wise and being busy and not feeling like coming home after a long day (of writing) and writing more. I decided I...

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Tough Love
I've been taking a break from blogging (as you've probably noticed), but I've been noticing a pattern lately (or rather, again) of relentless negativity on social media, and I feel the need to address it. It's really...kind of upsetting. Sad. And unnecessar...

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A festive little story
Sorry for the little hiatus there. I've been pretty busy lately, and when I come home I just want to veg out. I've been slacking. So, Jeff's been in Seattle for work the past week. My best fried lives in Seattle, so I was originally going to try to make it ...

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But I don't FEEEEEEEEL like writing!
I don't. Sorry! I'm being a lazy turd this week. Back next week, have a killer weekend!

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I had a post planned for today, but then I discovered this: Yep, that would be a nail, lodged firmly into the tire of my brand new car. Excellent. I actually probably wouldn't have noticed it until it had gone totally flat, but a warning light went off on m...
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