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Chinese Idol 男版“舞娘”

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Chinese Idol 男版“舞娘” my favorite two candidates up to now 

Hi Friends ! I finally get back to Google +
Talk with you soon !

I have got some great ideas from the warm-heart friends on G +..for a home furniture brand. Thank you so much ! Do any friends have good suggestions for outdoor products ? Outdoor business in China is growing very fast. Happy New Year to you all !

At the last day of 2011, I have two plans for the new year, one is to built a famous brand in China for selling home and sports goods. Another plan is to spread Chinese culture by teaching friends from all over the world to learn Chinese. Anyone interested can leave a message here to help me fulfill my plan.

Hi Friends, does anyone have good ideas for a new brand name of indoor furniture or outdoor sports goods? The goods will be sold in China, but want it to sounds like a foreign brands...

Anyone knows how to use Facebook, youtube or twitter in China ?

This is the first time to use Google+, it looks pretty like sina weibo...

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