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If you weren't reading closely this past week, you missed SCOTUS having the willies because race.

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Post has attachment has some new features!

*) Git
*) Personal namespaces
*) Private projects

The first one was launched 2 weeks ago. The second two are now in trusted tester mode. If you want to try them (and deal with bugs and report them), reply to this with a link to your Google Code Profile page. E.g., mine is

Post has attachment now supports Git repositories.

Huge thanks to the team that implemented this.

(P.S., I now manage , in case you wanted to discuss.)

Just met +Michael Jones and had a great dinner with him and +Chris DiBona +Bitsy Hansen +Craig Nevill-Manning and +Kati London . The Standard Grill has great cocktails. That apparently make me want to buy a 747. I don't think I've bought one yet.
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