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Leading Lines Monday
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Grand Finale

Please note: LEADING LINES MONDAY will no longer be curated after Monday, October 27. The page will not be deleted but the curators all have extremely busy lives and cannot continue to curate. If you want to continue posting, I (Pam) will occasionally check, and the others may as well. All curators will be removed except for me. As page owner, I cannot remove myself without actually deleting the page.

I suggest using the hashtag #leadinglines  - dropping Monday. Feel free to also use #leadinglinesmonday  if you'd like. 

We've had a GREAT RUN!! It's been fun! I've met a lot of great people! Thanks to all who have been regular contributors! I'll still see your work, perhaps more regularly than before. Best of luck to everyone!

Sting - and Important Announcement
+Leading Lines Monday 

First of all, I'm going to blame +Simos Xenakis for the LOTR shot! I saw his Galdalf's hat (here: so I had to shoot this!

Next up: It is with both sadness and a sense of pride for what we have done that I tell you October will bring to a close the Leading Lines Monday Google+ photography theme. I started the theme in February 2012 as a solo curator. It only took one week as a solo act to realize that I couldn’t do it alone. +Jakob Nilsson agreed to help me starting the second week. LLM was one of the busiest photography themes on G+, so we added a third curator. Then Jakob’s work and travel schedule got very busy, so he had to leave. We ended up adding other curators – up to six at one point – with more than 300 shares each Monday. Our team today consists of (alphabetically by first name): +Andreas Levi +David Murphy +Michael B. Stuart and +Simos Xenakis. Another who left us recently was +Elle Rogers. I'll miss curating with all of you, but we'll still keep in touch!

I appreciate each and every one of my curators more than I can express!! They all have very busy lives yet they dedicate time each week to curating this theme which has been extremely busy at times. It has settled down now, but there were times when it was nearly a full-time job! Not only do they spend time curating, but their art is also amazing! THANK YOU ALL, from the bottom of my heart!

I also want to thank those who have been posting to the theme almost since its inception. These people do incredible work! I have enjoyed seeing it over the years! To name a few: ……..

+Markus Landsmann 
+Rob Tilley 
+Carsten Schlipf 
+Christian Vollmar 
+Rainer M. Ritz 
+David Pond 
+Sara Schiavi 

If I missed someone, please accept my apologies!
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Thanks a lot +Leading Lines Monday 
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I'm seriously hoping that +Virgil Cowen hasn't been endangering his life to get shots for #leadinglinesmonday  or any other photos! However, this is a grand illustration of the concept! Thanks for sharing with us, Virgil!
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Thank you +Sonja Younger 
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A loyal #leadinglinesmonday  participant who says she is addicted to leading lines with no hope for healing. Just what I love to hear!! Thank you +Magdalena Szczygieł!!

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Leading Lines Monday

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Somebody from +Google+ want to help me out? I just realized that when people tag the page on a photo, it shares the photo privately, and only with a limited number of those in the page's circles. There used to be a fix for this, but I cannot find it in settings now. Any other curators having this problem/know how to make it share tagged photos publicly?

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I'll take a peek too Pam, sounds right up my alley ;)
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Thank you +Magdalena Szczygieł for this awesome photo that perfectly depicts the leading lines concept! Wonderfully seen and very well composed! I really love it!
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Leading Lines Monday

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Greetings all...

The +Leading Lines Monday Team of curators will all be taking a break over the next few weeks.  

Please feel free to post if you wish on Mondays, but the curators will be taking a 'time out'  to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends and returning on the week beginning 7th January 2013 :) 

Wishing all of our contributors a safe and Merry Christmas a most joyous holiday break and New Year!

Looking forward to more unbelievable #leadinglinesmonday  Leading Lines in 2013!!

Seasons Greetings from +Leading Lines Monday 
+Simos Xenakis +David Murphy +Andreas Levi +Michael Stuart +Pam Chalkley-Boling & me (Elle Rogers)

Image captured by our co-curator +Simos Xenakis  
Open Road Condon, Oregon
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Leading Lines Monday

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+D Snider has been sharing posts with +Leading Lines Monday for nearly as long as the theme has existed. This post depicts the theme perfectly! Thanks for following us and for your great photography!
Sunset at some local boardwalks along the river in Gadsden, Alabama last week. They put some time into cutting all those angles for the decking like this so I thought I would put them to use. :) Hope you enjoy!

Gonna share this one with the awesome #LeadingLinesMonday (+Leading Lines Monday) curated by +Pam Boling +Michael B. Stuart +Elle Rogers +David Murphy
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Leading Lines Monday

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Thank you +Andrea Catelli for this perfectly composed leading lines photo!
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Leading Lines Monday

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Have a Seat Look

Yes, this is one of our curators, and I don't usually share the work of a fellow curator. However, when I saw this shot earlier in the day, I nearly jumped for joy at how well it's composed. These lines really lead me through the image. Fantastic job +Andreas Levi ... that's why you're part of the awesome LLM team! : )

Comments disabled; please plus and comment to the original.

Thanks for all you do!
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Another #leadinglinesmonday  that caught my attention! This is a great example of a line that leads the eye through the photograph! Thanks so much for sharing this +Märta Nordman!

... and there's barbed wire!
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Leading Lines Monday

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New Theme

I wanted to introduce a brand new Google+ theme to everyone! It looks very interesting!
FramedSubjectFriday is Launching

Tomorrow is the first Friday for the brand new photography theme +FramedSubjectFriday - the theme for photos that follow the Frame your subject composition rule.

Please share and spread the word.

The rules are simple:
1. Follow the theme page +FramedSubjectFriday as soon as possible. Allow us some time to circle you back.
2. Upload a picture with a framed subject to your stream.
3. Share this picture for the public and mention the hash tag #FramedSubjectFriday and the curators +Carsten Schlipf, +Dirk Müller and +Matthias Haeussler so that we will get notified of your submission.
4. Tag your photo with +FramedSubjectFriday and it will appear here on the theme page (we must have circled you back before you can do this).

We are looking forward to your submissions.

More information, tips, tutorials and about this theme can be found here:

(Photo by +Carsten Schlipf)
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Leading Lines Monday

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Please be sure to follow +Leading Lines Monday if you share with the theme page. Otherwise, we cannot share your work or acknowledge you in any way from the page - including choosing your work as a Curators' Choice awards. This is not our choice; Google+ doesn't allow pages to share, comment or plus posts unless users first follow the page. (If you've already shared something, it isn't too late. Simply follow us now.)

Thank you!
The Leading Lines Monday Team
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Leading Lines Theme Page: Show off your lines!

Leading Lines Monday is one of the Daily Photography Themes on Google+. Curated by Pam Chalkley, Michael StuartDavid Murphy, and Andreas Levi 

To easily tag the theme and curators, copy and paste the following into your post:

#LeadingLinesMonday +108127039931400009413 +100784425740559013107 +114830458019096176470 +108092188319505624535 +104355888553035365377

How to participate:

  • Most importantly, follow the page first!
  • Upload or share a photograph with Leading Lines.
  • Have fun thinking of creative ways to incorporate lines into your photographs!!
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