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U.S. based Internet provider RCN is suing music rights group BMG. The Internet provider has asked the court to declare that it is not responsible for copyright infringements allegedly committed by its customers. Among other things, RCN argues that the notices sent by BMG's anti-piracy partner Rightscorp are flawed.
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Matthew Hahn Jr

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Finally getting around to playing #Borderlands2 again. After my initial 300+ hours, I was a little bit burned out...

Picked up a copy of the GOTY edition so I can play it with my roomy. Not regretting the decision since I hadn't played #TinyTinasAssaultOnDragonKeep yet.
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U.S. ISP Sues Music Group Over Piracy Allegations - TorrentFreak

U.S. based Internet provider RCN is suing music rights group BMG. The Internet provider has asked the court to declare that it is not respon