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Sunday selfie.

Need more sleep, but this will do
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Haha, I don't think you have to worry about that, but hey, as long as the spots match the hair then it's all good LOL!! xx
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Harry and I wish you the happiest birthday yet +Barbara Nelsen!

Loads of hugs on their way to you (harry thought I had said bugs but ate them first)
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Thank you for you kind wishes, +Biprajit Das! My friends here on G+ made it something special!
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Anyone for a nap?
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Yawn, back to sleep for another hundred years then :D
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Beware of frisky food!
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Needs wacca wacca guitar music now ;)
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It was a bit wet the other day. Bright red berries impacting on an otherwise cool grey rainy moment.
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Lovely photo.
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Am not much of a wine drinker, but chocolate... Now there is an idea...
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#caturday and Harry is arrr about her neck decoration.

She has taken to wearing it calmly and I haven't been mauled in my sleep ... Wonder what my chances would be if I tried a hat on her?
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I had them, but the demented search and destroy cat module is, at the end, a nice cat. Very disconcerting.
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Please Vote for awesome beard +Charles Strebor ! Woot

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+Dryade Geo yes all ten... From me as well ;)
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Hope your day is full of silly :D

pic from so much pun
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I shall not try to weasel out of applause fur this one. :D
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Been a while since I last had a korn binge.
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