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Politics II: Why You Should Vote
Somewhat to my surprise, I've discovered that I've become an evangelist for democracy. Or at least for participation in the democratic system. In my last post I highlighted some of the principle problems with that system and argued that a cynical electorate...

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Politics I: If You're Looking for Problems, Look in the Mirror
With less than a month to go until the general election in the UK on May 7th I thought I'd undertake a series of posts about politics: why we complain about it, why it's important and where God fits into it. Conveniently enough, that's a succinct summary of...

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In Defence of YOLO
I usually have to confess to not usually being very #downwiththekidz but that doesn't mean that the newest cultural turn of phrases are entirely lost on me. For some years now I have been aware of YOLO: you only live once, for the uninitiated. It doesn't so...

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Forget Ye Merry Gentlemen - At Christmas We All Need A Rest
It's the time of year when many people are beginning to move back into the normal rhythm of things after a well-earned seasonal slumber. Christmas is supposed to be our annual period of national hibernation, where we retreat from the demands of our everyday...

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The Conversation
Sophie bit her lip. Mark stood with his back to her, loading the dishes into the dishwasher. For a few seconds she held back, just watching him. Then she forced herself to speak. "Mark, we need to talk". Mark stood slowly upright and then turned hesitantly ...

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God Need Not Be Just
Allow me, as ever, to apologise in advance. I'm afraid I've found a gaping hole in the traditional
presentation of the Gospel message. This is a little awkward – sorry about
that. Perhaps it will give you some reassurance that it’s not the biblical
content ...

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Why I'm Anti-Grace
Let me clear something up right off the bat. This isn't a post against the grace of God. That kind of grace is something that I am very much in favour of, especially as I am such a needy recipient of it. No, this is about the pre-meal ceremony. Let me also ...

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A Biblical Way Forwards For Our Nation, Or Let Us Find Wives For the People of Scotland
Tomorrow more than 4 million voters in Scotland will make a momentous decision. So much has been said, written and broadcast about the independence referendum that I'm wary of adding my voice to an already crowded marketplace of ideas. Perhaps you'll be rel...

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Escape Plan: Muscle Men, the System and Breaking Free
The following post was originally written for another blog but has ended up finding a home here instead. As such, it is a little longer than normal. Regardless, here is a theological reflection on the muscley goodness of Stallone and Schwarzenegger for your...

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Three Things the Resurrection Isn't
Slightly awkwardly, this blog post was originally meant to be written for Easter. Obviously I have missed the boat somewhat. Still, resurrection truths are worth thinking about at any time of the year. So here are three things that the resurrection is not, ...
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