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Two years ago today my company +Geek & Sundry launched with this Guild music video. It's been an amazing ride, the worst days and the best days of my life. I can't tell you everything I learned about starting and running a company here, but I can tell you this: Without you guys to make content for, I would never have been able to do this the hard, less trodden way. You keep us going.
Because you guys make it so rewarding, by meeting you at cons, by seeing your comments and your shares, it makes all the hard work worth it. That's why I stay on the web, because I love that connection with you guys, truly.
We've learnt a lot of things about ourselves and what kind of content we want to make and what we are incredibly proud of and what we don't want to make again, but at the core of it, I just hope we get to make things that make you laugh or game, and can become a fan of. Thank you for continuing to make that happen by watching our stuff.

Going forward I'm excited to be more focused and keep doing what we do best, at the same time expand beyond YouTube, even. We have some cool stuff in the works, promise! 
On April 16th Spooked, a show I've had a LOT of hands on participation with, launches on Hulu and YouTube, it goes back to what The Guild was, a quirky comedy, and I'm excited for you to see it.
Also this Saturday, April 5th, International Tabletop Day happens, it's a day we want everyone to play board games with their friends. Lots of events happening around the world, thousands actually, go to to see the listings near you.

So anyway, thank you for two awesome years, I hope we add value to your geeky lives. See you at the next con, or on the channel! <3

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VIDEO: Hawthorne police arrest man for filming, his dog reacts, police kill dog
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