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Going to be starting a Weekly Marvel Superheroes open table game on roll 20 on the 26th of January.

Custom character creation using the FASERIP Hack for Marvel. With an Excellent campaign rank and a power/ability cap of incredible. The level of play will be a street level game with room for advancement.

Friday nights at 8pm EST, with 7:30pm EST sign ups.
5 player cap for players and possibly running an overflow game on a different day.

The game listing can be found here.

Curious as to what the character creation guidelines are and how the delves work as far as number of players per session.
Will this be set on a sign up basis per event , or first to the table?
And thanks for the invite.
Haven't done any mega dungeon delves since the Barrowmaze open table went silent.

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With a whole lot of inspiration from Peter C at the Blog of Exalted Deeds.
Whose blog can be found here

I decided to try my own hand at a Davinci Vitruvian Man 5E Character Sheet.

Update: Complete 6 pg pdf link as posted in comments below

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Hello everyone .
Have a question to ask of all of you.
I have put together a mash up of a character sheet which i really enjoy using.

It uses the Alternative character Sheet, Alternative character details sheet and the Inventory Tracker sheets (2) and the Alternative Spell Sheet.

The problem is , when printed double sided it is 3 pages long and the back of the last page is blank.

I have been looking for some type of single page Combat Specific Sheet that would just list the important tidbits of information regarding the character during combat.

Saves , Bonuses, Weapons, may'by spell attacks or bonus actions available, reactions available ect.

Basically id like to be able to flip the whole character over when combat starts and have a quick reference for my character.

I had initially considered just putting a note page there , but not really sure.

What are your thoughts or suggestions?

I am attaching a drop box link to the sheet that i am currently using to give you an idea of what i'm talking about.

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I looked about for a 1 page DM reference sheet, but everything i found printed a little blurry or had too many pages.
So i thought I'd try my own hand at making one.
Made a new one in google documents , much clearer and hopefully more useful.

14th Level ability for a Psychic Warrior.
Currently i have it set as the same ability as the paladin of cleanse.

What are your thoughts on this instead.

Psychic Celerity
at 14th level level you have honed your body and mind to the point that as a bonus action you may make one additional melee weapon attack.
You may use this ability a number of times equal to your wisdom modifier ( minimum of once).
Recharges on a long rest.

It would result in the ability to make 3 attacks a round ( 5 times in a day with a 20 wisdom )

Thoughts ?

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Psychic Warrior
Paladin Reskin
Please post  your thoughts here , or comment on the document
All input is greatly appreciated
Psychic Warrior
Psychic Warrior

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Psychic Warrior
Paladin Reskin
Please feel free to comment on the document , or o this post.
All input is appreciated.
Psychic Warrior
Psychic Warrior

Cantrip idea....

Summon Armor
Conjuration Cantrip
Casting Time: 1 Action
Components: V,S
Duration: Instantaneous

You may summon your armor onto your body from wherever it may be. As long as it is on the same realm as you.
You must spend 24 hours wearing  the armor to be summoned before this cantrip will function.

Another idea was Summon Weapon, same as above except only one weapon can be summoned with the cantrip, at 5th level you could summon 2 weapons , as long as they were one handed.

Thoughts , suggestions ?

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Looking for some advice on a  crossover of the Vengeance paladin to a psionic Variant.

I have looked all over , and most useful was the variant in progress from nerdarchy.

Heres what ive come up with so far.
Some items id like to change a bit , but i dont want to stray to far.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
Psychic Warrior
Psychic Warrior
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