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SQL Server solutions by Docco Labs
Smart solutions for SQL Server databases
Smart solutions for SQL Server databases
SQL Server solutions by Docco Labs's posts

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SQL Table Zip is a Query-level Backup app for SQL Server.
check out this new walk-through video

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Log4Sql (formerly known as Log Table Viewer) is released in an entirely new version!
Now supporting the following databases:
- Microsoft SQL Server
- PostgreSQL

Find out more at the link.

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Your new data Import-Export power tools
If you’re working with databases, you are obviously no
stranger to the endless need for getting data in and out the database. And not
only the traditional inserts and selects, but rather importing from/exporting
to “foreign” sources. Two of our tools are ju...

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SQL Server - Coding guidelines
Let's talk about best practices around writing SQL Server code, specifically in a project (which means - not just an ad-hoc t-sql script) This post goes through various SQL (Server) code design guidelines and best-practices. Following these guidelines, we a...

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Just released: [Database File Explorer] - new version supports #sql2014 #hekaton files/filegroups space. get it @

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Some screenshots from the new version of ClipTable, which has been released today.
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ClipTable v1.0.3.3 has been released!

Changes include:
- Added advanced option: Ignore serial delimiter appearance
- Better automatic delimiter detection
- Major UX/UI improvements (you'll notice!)
- Repository UI improvements
- Help has been updated

Grab the new version here:

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Log Table Viewer screenshots (3 photos)
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