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John Hirleman
Web UI/Graphic Designer, Dork, World Dominator
Web UI/Graphic Designer, Dork, World Dominator

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Will any number of studies proving that vaccines don't cause autism ever be able to overcome Jenny McCarthy and her "mommy instincts". Do you know how alarming it was to have a baby in California last year in the midst of the pertussis outbreak?

Follow me on twitter (@jhirleman). I list at least 100 movies that #ReplaceMovieNamesWithVoldemort

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New blog post. I talk about some cool place holder generators!

Alright, bitches. I caved. I started my facebook back up. They were true to their word. All my shit was totally deleted after their 14 day waiting(are you sure, guy) period. So if you see a friend request from me hit me up. Or don't. I don't care.

Whisker Wars? Seriously? I'm glad I don't have tv so I don't run the risk of coming across that piece of shit and thereby adding to the downfall of humanity.

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Dare you to try and watch this with a straight face.

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Little dog...CHOMP!

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Little dog :P
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