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30-Minute File Cabinet Makeover with Free Template
I'm really working on classroom organization.  It improves my productivity with students, so I know it is time well-invested. However, I have to admit that for the longest time I have been avoiding my paper file cabinet!  Until recently, it was in need of a...

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Three Holiday Hustle and Bustle Busters for the Classroom!
The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break are tough for teachers everywhere.  Students are distracted.  Let's face it...teachers are distracted too!  Here are three tips for busting the holiday hustle and bustle during the next few weeks! 1) Don't ...

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Writing in Science
Why do we have to learn this? I just love when my students ask this.  No seriously!  It shows that they are making valid connections between their learning and how they might apply it.  Adults ask this all the time, but it is often a frustrating question fo...

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Active Study Strategies: Explicit Instruction in Science
Your first major unit test is approaching. They already know HOW to study for a test right? Teachers assume that kids come equipped with subject area study skills, but do they? Students Need Explicit Instruction on HOW To Study in Each Subject Area A vast m...

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Visual Learning, Note-taking and Memory: Why Doodling Works Well In Science
students with
science models has
long been at the cornerstone of good science instruction, but could we be doing
even more
to improve visual literacy in our science classes ? Visual Learning  Visual
literacy is no doubt a valuable 21 st Century Ski...

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Magnetic Arrows: All Signs Point to YES!
This is such an easy, SIMPLE and effective strategy to try.  It works for both elementary and secondary students!  There are SO many uses for these little paper arrows and mine got used so much that I needed to make new ones mid-year! (Middle school kids ar...

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Setting up your Secondary Classroom
Name Tags Yes, you need them and no they aren't "so elementary school." I have around 130 kids to get to know so   I create bookmarks that double as name tags.  Kids use them to mark the page they are on in their science journal and them prop them up on the...

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Back to School Activities for Upper Grades
Set the stage for a year of ENGAGEMENT.  Here are some ways that I like to get my students moving, talking and thinking from the moment they step into my classroom! Get to Know You T/F Activity (Free printable) Community-building activities can make for a p...

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Middle School Supply Reminders
What do we need for class today? This is one classroom routine that I find
middle school students respond well to.  Easy and effective classroom routine Works great for the Upper Grades Supports Student Responsibility What do we need for class today? These ...

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Science Mindset: Do you think like a Scientist?
Science Mindset Bulletin Board I heard a "ting" during my most challenging class today and was reminded that I had yet to check my inbox. So, after the students scurried out the door,  I sat down to check a pile of emails from the day.  Buried under parent ...
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