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Bidisha Mukherjee
Learn to love not fall in love for anything that falls breaks into two pieces!!!!!
Learn to love not fall in love for anything that falls breaks into two pieces!!!!!

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Marry Harry, Date Harry, Bestfriend Harry......
rest all Brothers
Marry Louis😙😙💘
Date Harry 😆😉😉
Best frnd Liam 😊😊
Niall is my broi💪💪
What about ur choise...

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this person inspires me a lot.....
through singing as well as by his dedication in life

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thats true

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They will always be so!!!!!

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Who is better in 1) singing
2) beauty

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Who is better in 1) singing
2) beauty

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TᕼE Oᒪᗪ ᕼOᔕᑭITᗩᒪ

Rose was a successful doctor living in New York City. Her life was perfect. She was expecting a promotion and pay raise. Everyone admired her. Her dream was to start her own hospital where patients could receive that extra care so absent from big hospitals.

"Ms.Rose, you have a phone call."
"Ms.Rose, I'm calling from Bethany Hospital to tell you about your brother. He is very ill."
"What? My brother? Can I talk to him?"
"I'm sorry. Our budget doesn't allow us to buy phones for every room. We are a small town, you know."
"What kind of hospital is this? Okay, tell my brother I'll be there in 24 hours."
"I truly hope he can make it. The only doctor we had just quit last week."
"He is strong. I'm a doctor myself. I'm sure I can help."

Rose walked the old streets of Bethany. It all seemed so small. She remembered how big it was when she was a child. Her tiny feet ran up and down the hills of the humble town thinking it was her big kingdom and it was her duty to protect it.

"Brother! It's being so long."
"Look at you. The city girl! Welcome back little, sister. So proud of you."
"Well, I'll be staying a little while. It seems like I'm the hospital's new doctor for now."

Rose held her brother's hand all night. She was so afraid to lose him.

"Good morning. Rise and shine! I made you breakfast."
"Snowman pancakes! Like when we were kids. How much I have missed you."
"Now if you'd excuse me. I have patients to attend."

Rose worked all day at the small hospital. It was a humble place but patients were treated like family.

"So what happened to the doctor?"
"Mr.Damon was a talented doctor but just like everyone, he wanted to prosper and left us at the first offer in the city."
"Maybe you could have paid him a little more. Don't you think?"
"We are a community hospital, you see. We continue thanks to the support of the generous souls in this town."
"Ms.Rose, you have a call."
"Rose, you have the promotion interview tomorrow. You need to be here. We count on you. Don't disappoint us."

Rose spent all night taking care of her brother. She sang Christmas songs from childhood. Somehow her brother was recovering quickly.

"Didn't you have a flight to catch today? What aren't you at the airport?
"I'm where I need to be."
"What do you mean?"
"I'm staying, brother. Bethany Hospital needs me.
"You crazy? They will pay you 7 times less than New York. Are you gonna throw it all away for this God forsaken town? You will not have the fancy things you are accustomed to. Think it well."
"This is where I grew up. Don't forget."
"Yes but you have such a prosperous life."
"I understand your concern, big brother but a prosperous life is no the place you live, your salary, car or the clothes you wear. It's doing what you love. And this is what I love. Saving lives."
"You can save lives in New York too."
"Trust me, my position in New York will be filled in no time."


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