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Alicia Keys is without doubt one of the big performers and songwriters of our time!
If you are an (aspiring) artist, we'll help you reach your goals in songwriting classes, performance workshops, and private singing lessons! All in the beautiful heart of Manhattan!

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Watch Krowne Vocal School voice coach Caoimhe perform with the amazing Hozier on the Ellen Show! Learn to sing from a real industry professional in our private classes, or in our beginner's course!

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Even the greatest improve! Adele perfected her mixed voice on her most recent album "25" which increased her belting range quite a bit! Singing classes that focus on proper (pop and rock) vocal technique can do the same for you!

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For beautiful control switching between head and chest voice check out this clip by Alissa Muller! Need some help with that textured vibrato or control? Krowne Vocal School welcomes singers of all levels in NYC!

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Singing is not only fun! It significantly improves cognitive function and the connection between different brain areas. Come get your vocal AND cerebral workout in our state-of-the-art voice classes for pop, rock, r'n'b, and soul music in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood! 

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Beyonce is next on the list of artist struggling to keep their voice healthy during a demanding tour. Vocal health requires with more than good technique - check out what one of New York's premier voice schools' founder Jennifer Krowne suggests for singers

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Learn from our KVS teacher Grace Woolf how to sing with a powerful voice! Cord closure is one of the keys to a strong singing voice. Get your cords together in our world class voice lessons at Krowne Vocal School in the heart of Manhattan!

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Learn singing technique in 6 weeks! 

In the first half of each session, we are going to learn proper singing and breathing technique and practice them on vocal exercises. The goal is to strengthen the voice safely and to increase vocal flexibility, resonance, and range.
In the second half we are going to apply what we have learned before to a song of our choice. Additionally, we are going to work on song interpretation and performance!

Book here:

There will be plenty of individual support as well as opportunities to get personal coaching in front of the group!

Singing Technique: Breath support, belting, increase your range, open your throat, find your mixed voice, connect registers, falsetto, strengthening
Musicality: Rhythm, Pitch, Ear Training
Artistic: Find (the right songs for) your vocal and artistic style
Performance: Song interpretation, sing with „soul“ and feeling

While this course is suitable for complete beginners, experienced singers are absolutely welcome to join us! 

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Learn how to sing with proper breath support and what else it takes to belt it out like to pros!
Individualized support guaranteed: If you are a beginner (in singing or belting), you will learn the basic thechnique and exercises to build your vocal strength and get opportunity for your first belting attempts (if you want); advanced singers are going to get insight in different belting techniques and figure out which one suits them best!
$15 at the door, $10 sign-up per email

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She wrote this song after being asked: "Why are you here?" -- If you have a story to tell, come get prepared to rock NYC's rooftops in KVS singing lessons, songwriting and performance classes!
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