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Rita Farro
I love to sew and I love to blog...and I learn something new every day.
I love to sew and I love to blog...and I learn something new every day.

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Annual Friends/Ritawear
Friendship is a funny thing. You never know how or when it's going to happen. And no two are alike. One of the best things about going to see Mary in Aurora, Minnesota, is having a chance to visit with her peeps..who have become my peeps... The last two s...

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Warren's Wooden Soldiers
If things are going right in my world -- Thursday is WARREN DAY at my house. He sleeps here on Wednesday, and every Thursday we spend the day playing and exploring the world together. Warren Day has always been a favorite part of Frankie's life. After Fat ...

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Our Birthday Month
March is the Farro Women Birthday Month. Lilly is March 9th, Emily is March 22, and mine is March 29. So we keep busy making chocolate cake with peanut butter icing!! Lilly is getting pretty good at making her own birthday cake. Obviously, Warren is a big...

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The Little Mermaid
Our local high school always does a spring musical, and this year, I was delighted to see they were presenting, "The Little Mermaid". Of course, the best part is getting Lilly and Warren  ramped up for the performance. We went to the library to rent the m...

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Aurora Featherweight
So -- here's the little ad Mary put in the local "Shopper" newspaper: SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT WORKSHOP!! Rita Farro LOVES HER SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT. (She attended a three-day workshop, put on by the famous Singer people -- and now she thinks ...

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My Aurora Visit
The week after I got home from New York City, I made a quick trip up to Aurora, Minnesota to visit with Mary. This is what greets you at the Hibbing, Minnesota airport. A LOT of taxidermy... A wall with 17 famous people (only one woman -- do you see her?) M...

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Fat Camp Update
When I posted my two Frankensewing pictures the other day, I didn't realize they would strike everybody as my "before" and "after" photos from Fat Camp. Many of you have written to ask what was my key to my weight-loss success. Hey...if I knew the answer to...

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Sewing Weekend, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin!!
TIME TO MAKE YOUR TRAVEL PLANS for Beaver Dam, Wisconsin!! MARY AND I have been invited to present our ALL NEW MIDWEST YA YA SISTER SHOW at the Nancy's 2017 Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. I AM SOO EXCITED!!  May 4-6, in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. It'...

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Frankensewing TWO WAYS
It's been five months since I went to Fat Camp. I cannot believe how much my life has changed. In soo many ways...all for the better! And, all along the way -- FRANKENSEWING has made my journey interesting and fashionable!! At first, I had to use my Franken...

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2017 Easter Scavenger Hunt
For some reason -- I cannot load any photos up to the blog right now. So that seriously cramps my blogging style....and the pictures from Easter ARE DELIGHTFUL!! But, hey -- life is all about compromise. And, even without pictures, I can share my MOST ENTE...
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