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Went on a long bike ride this morning and discovered San Jose's newest sculpture.
In honor of the 2005 discovery of Columbian mammoth fossils in San Jose, a sculpture of a mammoth is being installed on the Guadalupe River Trail
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Soon to be picketed by Creationists who want a figure of Noah added.
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Paula Jones

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If it wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious: Royal Dutch Shell just crashed another one of their Arctic drilling vessels. And they still want to go ahead with drilling.

First, Shell ran the drill rig Kulluk aground in Alaska in 2012, resulting in 8 felony convictions for recklessness and willful deception of authorities. Now they’ve torn a 3 foot gash in their primary icebreaker, Fennica.

On July 3rd, Shell was taking another shortcut through shallow, treacherous waters with the Fennica when they struck something hard enough to puncture the hull of their toughest icebreaker.

Shell is now violating any responsible reading of their permit and has proven they value money over the safety of our oceans and climate. It’s time to cancel Shell’s arctic drilling permits.

Shell has been forced to send the Fennica south to Portland, Oregon for repairs. This is Shell’s only icebreaker equipped with a “cap stack”, the mission critical gear needed to cap a blown-out well. Shell’s own safety plans - the ones they had to submit to the Department of Interior in order to get permits to drill in the Arctic - rely on having two primary icebreakers in order to avoid accidents that can lead to devastating oil spills.

Yet the Department of Interior just granted a limited permit allowing Shell to begin the drilling process, while keeping it from actually drilling down to the oil itself. This conditional approval is another step in the wrong direction, but Shell will still need a new permit to drill for oil once it completes the Fennica’s repairs.

Without the Fennica, Shell is in violation of its own Oil Response Plan, as well as its Exploration Plan.

The next step should be clear: the Department of Interior should cancel the permits they have already granted Shell, and refuse to grant any more.

Tell the Secretary of the Interior SHELL NO
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The Shell Game
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Paula Jones

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Great background information
Read. All of it. Seriously,.
A new report shows the Koch brothers are playing both sides of the issue for political advantage.
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More Koch dementia.
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Paula Jones

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The long-awaited final assessment from the California Council on Science and Technology said that because of data gaps and inadequate state testing, overwhelmed regulatory agencies do not have a complete picture of what oil companies are doing.

The risks and hazards associated with about two-thirds of the additives used in fracking are not clear, and the toxicity of more than half, the report concluded, remains “uninvestigated, unmeasured and unknown. Basic information about how these chemicals would move through the environment does not exist.”

Jane Long, the report's co-lead, said officials should fully understand the toxicity and environmental profiles of all chemicals before allowing them to be used in California's oil operations.

Recycled oil field wastewater used for crop irrigation may contain chemicals used during fracking and other well stimulation procedures, the report said. While treatment of that water is required, the testing is not adequate, the report said. Long said researchers did not find strong evidence of fracking fluids in irrigation water but added: “What we did find was that there was not any control in place to prevent it from happening.”

The probability of toxic exposure to humans and the environment is low, but no studies have been conducted assessing the risk, the report's authors said.

Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills) said that she planned Monday to propose amendments to legislation she already had introduced, based on some of the report's findings. They include the development of an approved list of chemicals, with known toxicity, for use in oil development as well as the phasing out of the use of unlined pits to dispose of oil field waste.

“Government agencies, the public in general and residents living near well sites need to know in detail about the presence of dangerous chemicals mixed in water used in fracking and then pumped to the surface as byproducts,” Pavely said in a statement.

The potential for contamination linked to fracking, according to the report, demands that the state conduct more thorough studies in order to close significant data gaps.

For example, there is little evidence to show that oil activities are contaminating groundwater, Long said, but little analysis has been done.

“We think the fact that we haven't looked for it is an issue,” Long said. “You can't find what you don't look for.”

Seth Shonkoff, lead author on the public health sections of the report, said he was surprised to learn during his research that recycled wastewater from oil fields was being used on crops.

*Read the report:

Or here:

#BanFRACKNG   #GovJerryBrown   #Corrupt   #Bastard  
Hydraulic fracturing uses a host of highly toxic chemicals — the impacts of which are for the most part unknown — that could be contaminating drinking water supplies, wildlife and crops, according to a report released Thursday by a California science panel.
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or maybe they will light fire in the pan ....
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Paula Jones

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The Ghost Army That Duped The Nazis ... "Deception and decoy are part of war strategy. During the Second World War the Allied forces employed dozens of tricks to confuse, mislead or intimidate the German army — from dropping dummy paratroppers to dropping aluminum tinfoil, from faking the death of a fictitious Major William Martin to completely covering up a military aircraft plant. One such deceptive operation that came to light only a few years ago is the so called Ghost Army.

The Ghost Army was a 1,100-man unit officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops whose goals were to impersonate vastly large U.S. Army units to deceive the enemy. The men that made up this secretive unit weren’t your regular soldiers. They were artists, illustrators and sound technicians handpicked for the job from New York and Philadelphia art schools. They didn’t carry M1s and Thompsons, but large inflatable tanks and rubber aircrafts, powerful amplifiers and speakers to mimic the noise created by a large gathering troop and radio equipment to transmit phony messages.

Over the course of the war, the Ghost Army travelled all across Europe staging a sort of “traveling road show of deception” aimed at Hitler’s legions. They staged more than 20 operations where they conjured up phony convoys, phantom divisions and make-believe headquarters to fool the enemy about the strength and location of American units. The Ghost Army is estimated to have saved tens of thousands of soldiers' lives with its deceptions, yet almost no one knew about them. Their existence and their every move were highly classified and remained so for more than 40 years after war ended.

To create the impression of a huge army, the unit would set up inflatable tanks, trucks, artillery and airplanes, and play pre-recorded sounds of armored and infantry units through giant speakers that could be heard up to 15 miles away. Radio operators created phony traffic nets, actors dressed as soldiers hung out at local cafes and spun counterfeit stories for spies to pick up, while another impersonated a major general and drove from town to town in a convoy of jeeps. Sometimes the unit would drive just a couple of trucks in loops to create the illusion of an entire infantry unit being transported. Often the thousand-men-unit would impersonate the presence of twenty to forty thousand men.

One of their biggest performance came towards the end of the war. In March 1945, as the 9th Army prepared to cross the Rhine into Germany, the 23rd was called upon to feign a crossing in a different place to draw German units away from the point of the real attack. More than 600 inflatable tanks and artillery were set up. At night they played the sounds of trucks rolling in. In the daytime they played sounds of heavy construction, as if bridging units were being put together. Artillery fire was mimicked by setting off flash canisters. While the Germans concentrated their effort over a rubber army, the real one successfully made the crossing facing minimum resistance.

After the war, many of the men who served in the unit, went on with their art careers. Some became famous, including fashion designer Bill Blass, painter Ellsworth Kelly and photographer Art Kane. Fewer than 50 of the men are left today. They found recognition after more than seventy years, thanks to a PBS documentary titled The Ghost Army released in 2013, where several of the members were interviewed. ..."

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What's the Difference Between Greece and Texas?

Well, many things like Retsina vs Lone Star <g> but in the topical context: When the majority of America's corrupt S&L collapse happened in Texas, the rest of the country bailed Texas out. 

Texas was given the equivalent of 25% of its GDP {$217 Billion in today's dollars, I believe} -- not loaned, not as aid, an outright gift. There was no discussion of how unfair it was that taxpayers in, say, Manhattan or Chicago had to "save the irresponsible Texans". Instead, the dialog was about U.S. taxpayers backing up the S&Ls, and the need to stabilize our nation's financial system. You could make a case that same thing happened with Florida and Nevada in the latest bank meltdown {Ca got more funds, but in long run pays net taxes}.

Greece, however, has the worst possible combination -- it's an independent country (supposedly), but doesn't have it's own currency, and no longer has control of its own spending nor taxes. And, the priorities of the politicians controlling the funds is to protect the banks, persuade their voters that the banks are faultless (so Brussels and Frankfurt won't be blamed} and frankly show no concern about the suffering caused to the Greeks. 

Tangentially: _I can't imagine a better argument for Britain staying on the pound_

Texas numbers in this ancient PK blog:
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Ah yes, the good old S&L bailout. Funny thing, Texans don't see t hat as a Socialist bailout though....
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Income inequality has reached epic proportions in the USA.  
A small tax on Wall Street transactions will help generate billions of dollars to help American lives, as well as help the environment.

Read about +Bernie Sanders Robin Hood tax bill here:

#mydailybernie   #Bernie2016   #feelthebern  
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+jubal b. jubal
this is wrong. The sales tax is only valid at the end of a sales chain.
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The senseless murder of the young woman Kate Steinle by an illegal immigrant who had prior criminal convictions is causing a great deal of interest on Capitol Hill. Republicans have jumped on the "Obama's illegal aliens murder hundreds of Americans daily", which of course, is not based on any facts, only political expediency.

Here are the facts:
According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, more than 25,000 foreign nationals were arrested for homicides over a 51-year period between August 1955 to April 2010, but not all of them were undocumented immigrants, nor ultimately convicted. Among the general population, there were 11,200 arrests for homicides in 2010 alone, the Department of Justice reported.

Most of the undocumented immigrant population in the United States are not a violent threat, with one study finding that “among men age 18-39 (who comprise the vast majority of the prison population), the 3.5 percent incarceration rate of the native-born in 2000 was 5 times higher than the 0.7 percent incarceration rate of the foreign-born.”

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the immigration-restrictionist organization Center for Immigration Studies previously said, “we found no strong evidence one way or the other for the notion that immigrants commit either more or less crime than the American population.” What’s more, a 2013 Criminology and Delinquency study found that first-generation immigrants commit crime at a lower rate than second-generation immigrants and native-born, non-Hispanic whites.

In spite of the facts, other lawmakers have jumped aboard the homicide train.

Yet, there are between 35 - 80 Americans killed daily at the wrong end of a gun held by another American. In fact, white male Americans have a proclivity to engage in mass murders, no matter the age or gender. Where's the republican outrage?
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Ed Hong
Of course, nobody asks what would have happened if we made it more difficult for the wrong people to have easy access to guns.
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Map of U.S. By Home Values

Cartographic rendering of U.S. sizes each state according to "total value of all homes".

Zillow via Vox: 
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+Michael Utt
It's on steroids!
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New glasses
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وعام سعيد
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QUOTE:Something wicked has crept into American society, something that many hoped was left back in the dustbins of the 19th century. We’re talking about monopoly, the ogre that screams capitalism run amok. Monopolies, or near-monopolies, as are most common in America, rise up through a lack of competition. When one or a handful of players dominate the marketplace, get ready for higher prices, low-quality products, and crap wages for you and me.

QUOTE: Monopolists buy politicians a dime a dozen, and they write laws to preserve their power. Yet until recently, few journalists had given this subject an in-depth look.

QUOTE: So what we have in America is that there are actually very few marketplaces in which you have a single company that has complete, 100 percent control. But what you do have is many marketplaces, thousands of markets, in which you have a dominant player that really controls commerce in that activity.
Journalist and author Barry Lynn sounds the alarm about one of the greatest threats to our liberty today.
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+Tessa Schlesinger You certainly have an interesting life bio as well as stories to tell. No wonder you have 25,000. followers! Lol. Considering you have that many streaming by you, this little convo here is a very chance, if not very special occasion indeed. Must be my lucky day :)
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The candidate speaks for himself
This is another comprehensive article that my buddy +Willi Bleimeister shared with me from The Nation!  Here, Bernie answers many of the questions that never get asked (well, hardly ever!) of candidates I am very much  in favor of having both political parties come together in multiple debates as Bernie has suggested!  For far too long our politics has come in sound bites and phrases which suggest one thing but actually mean something else, which has turned citizens away from the process!  We all have a stake in our government and who runs it and how it is run...that's a citizen's duty to be informed!  Excellent read!  Bernie Sanders has not only my vote, but also my gratitude for putting himself on the line for the betterment of all citizens!  #Bernie 2016!
In his most revealing interview, the socialist presidential candidate sets out his vision for America.
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Still waiting for details on his tax plan besides FICA cap elimination which won't fix anything.
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