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Weekly Theme - Branding Memorial Day

The origins of what we Americans celebrate  today as Memorial Day are many. But almost since the first person decorated the grave of a Civil War dead soldier, the meaning behind the war veteran's death has been branded in such a way as to erase a common understanding of what it is we're honoring.

The closest common answer likely to be heard today is we're honoring the ultimate sacrifice of those Americans who died in combat. But as at least a dozen or more states officially honor Confederate war dead, we can't accurately say the federal holiday honors those who died fighting for our country.

Despite one of the more notable points of origin for Memorial Day, the May 1865 ceremony by Charleston's African-American community honoring more than 150 Union troops who died, the theme of justice overcoming the evil of slavery was soon eclipsed by Grand Army of the Republic's increasingly political image of Memorial Day honoring the lives of Union soldiers who died to preserve the union. Period. 

As wars in which American's died became decidedly undemocratic in the makeup of not only those who died, but those who sacrificed by paying for wars, (let alone sending a family member to fight), Memorial Day" has been re-branded as an extension of the hollow cliche, *thank you for your service, or the equally meaningless bumper sticker, we support our troops. 

It's trite, I believe, to focus on the Monday off from work or the family cookout as the real concern as to *Memorial Day's meaning. What I believe should be the focus is what it is we're really honoring as we remember our war dead. 

If we, as Americans, can't honor something even greater than the ultimate sacrifice of war veterans, I believe the meaning of this day will further lost to nothing more than the marketing of endless wars.

What are your thoughts on Memorial Day?
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Yes, this is what politics is all about, from the local level on up
NYTimes: Greed and the Presidency

vile, contemptuous, pathology...
predator class feeding frenzy...
disenfranchised, under-educated. sheeple... 
Among 2016’s contenders, there’s a disturbing absence of economic humility.
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what you want?
what need you for change ?
in life change, in our hand
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Borowitz, so satire.  I love the title.  I love this paragraph:

While scientists have no clear understanding of the mechanisms that prevent the fact-resistant humans from absorbing data, they theorize that the strain may have developed the ability to intercept and discard information en route from the auditory nerve to the brain. “The normal functions of human consciousness have been completely nullified,” Logsdon said.
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Silicon Valley bar scene. Looking at Powerpoint rather than picking up women.
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Yes, view from the hostess desj
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I dislike this woman so much
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+Geoffrey Swenson, no doubt, she looks like one of John Kerry's long lost relatives now...haha
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Peeps please share this! This app is in a few other states now besides California. I predict it will spread to even more states. Thanks to my California sister, Chickie!
Even if the cops seize a phone and destroy it, the video will be saved.
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The Reporting of an Environmental Disaster: First report: A few gallons. Second report: 21,000 gallons. Third report: 105,000 gallons. Fourth report: ???

An underground oil pipeline that ruptured in Santa Barbara County could have released as much as 105,000 gallons of crude, with tens of thousands  estimated to have gone into the ocean, officials with the oil company said Wednesday.

Oh, great! Why on Earth would they hire the same company that essentially destroyed the Gulf of Mexico?
The U.S. Coast Guard is supervising the cleanup effort, officials said. Plains All American hired Patriot Environmental Services, which was also involved in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup effort in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, to manage the cleanup.

Darren Palmer, district manager for Plains All American apologized for the accident and said "...we're sorry for the inconvenience to the community," at the news conference.

"This stretch of the California coast is unique in the world," Santa Barbara County Supervisor Doreen Farr, who represents the area where the spill occurred, said at the news conference. "This is more than an inconvenience, this is a disaster."

Linda Krop, chief counsel for the Santa Barbara-based Environmental Defense Center, visited Refugio State Beach late Tuesday and said she was alarmed to find little response to the spill.

“There was oil that was covering the beach and also being washed out to sea,” she said. “To me this was a very significant event. The beach was just blanketed in black tar.”

She said there was little active response to the spill.

Krop said the spill was particularly alarming because it was the result of a ruptured pipeline, which are considered safer than other modes of transporting oil, such as tankers.

"This spill happened from a pipeline that was built with supposed safeguards,” she said. “Pipelines tend to be a safer ... but even a pipeline can leak and rupture and cause a really significant spill."

Krop was worried about how far the slick would spread through the Santa Barbara Channel, which she called “one of the most biologically rich places on the planet."

"Right now we have migratory whales, including endangered humpbacks and blue whales," she said. "We also have gray whales migrating back from Baja [California] to Alaska, and they come closer to shore. We also have a lot of very rare seabirds and other coastal endangered species. It’s a very, very sensitive, important place and we don't know what the eventual harm will be.”
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I am not a fan of the petroleum energy model: my home and business are solar and I drive electric. I think it is hypocritical to drive gas cars and insist that the dangers of oil extraction be kept away from your neighborhood.
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Paula Jones

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Almost every big organization contributed
Forget Clinton Foundation, Clinton Cash, and Speaking Fees. Why? (1) Conservatives, including Fox News, have donated handsomely to the foundation. (2) The book Clinton Cash is a paid-for hatchet job without basis in fact. (3) All ex-Presidents and senior politicians received many invitations to give Keynote Speeches for fat fees, because they draw crowds. That is all there is to this.
Republicans made a big deal out of George Stephanopoulos's donations to the Clinton Foundation, but an examination of the list of donors reveals that conservatives have donated millions of dollars to the charitable organization.
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Considering the goals of the Clinton foundation, as compared, say-- to the sales of Newt Gingrich's plaques??? The foundation demonstrates its good works. Where as, Gingrich, and others, are running scams to enrich themselves. Period.
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quote: In its latest report on charity telemarketing (pdf), issued in March, the New York attorney general’s office reported that of the more than $302 million donated to telemarketers registered to fundraise in the state in 2013, only 48 percent went to the charities. The rest went to for-profit fundraising companies in both local and national campaigns. Forty-eight percent actually is the highest amount charities have received from professional fundraisers over the last 12 years, says the attorney general’s report. In 2012, the amount was just 37 percent endquote

Another reason why I don't talk to fundraising pitches via phone.
Even well-known charities engage in risky and costly fundraising campaigns.
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Paula Jones

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Happy Mother's day to my mom, who raised me to be independent and happy
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Awesome. May God bless them long and happy life, Ameen !!
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Integrity: a word as foreign to #Ignoramuses as Arithmetic

From Professor Krugman:

"You see, you shouldn’t care whether a candidate is someone you’d like to have a beer with. Nor should you care about politicians’ sex lives, or even their spending habits unless they involve clear corruption. No, what you should really look for, in a world that keeps throwing nasty surprises at us, is intellectual integrity: the willingness to face facts even if they’re at odds with one’s preconceptions, the willingness to admit mistakes and change course."

Can anyone out there name one #Ignoramus  with a shred of integrity? Is there a single republican NOT talking nonsense about the economy, healthcare, cutting taxes on the Extreme Wealthy, etc.?
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Wow, he printed something I actually agree with.
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Today grab bars were installed on our guest bathroom. Hoping they're not really there for me!
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I have grab bars and benches in all my bathrooms. Everyone LOVES the benches! It's not just for cripples anymore. 
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