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Enjoyed our very crowded walk around Christmas in the Park, downtown San Jose. 
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Paula Jones

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Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act continues to putter along successfully

The ACA does keep coming up in political speeches from the GOP, but it's as more of a reflexive afterthought, something to criticize because of course you criticize it, but more from the principle of it being something That Man and His Democrats did than from any serious flaw.

Meanwhile, GOP votes are taken to dismantle the "parts we don't like" while quietly leaving along the "parts that the population seem to really like (but wouldn't be viable if we got rid of the parts we don't like)." But detailed criticism of the gross failures of the program have largely faded away ... largely because there haven't turned out to be any.

That's a good thing.
We will stop correcting you when you stop being wrong.
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Paula Jones

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Not everyone who made the bomb got into the history books | Women, minorities, and the Manhattan Project: …
What does an atomic bomb scientist look like? Not just white men.
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How is Holland the same as Schlesinger? +Lee Holland 
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Paula Jones

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Sharks! Best LA
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Nice action shot
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Paula Jones

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Gotta see this
CBS Bans Advertising for Movie "Truth"
One of Cate Blanchett's "greatest screen performances

Good reviews for movie about CBS throwing Dan Rather and Mary Mapes to the wolves over investigations on how George Bush got into the Texas National Guard to avoid service in Vietnam, then mysteriously got out of the Guard again. Anyone who doubts that CBS caved in to Republican Party pressure should recall three things: 1) Mapes and Rather broke the Abu Ghraib torture story, which Republicans also at first said was false 2) CBS appointed a lawyer from the Republican Party to head an "independent investigation" into their report that didn't interview a single expert on journalism, 3) The long-time assistant to Bush's commander, Jerry B. Killian, said on TV that while she didn't believe Killian typed the critical document in question about Bush allegedly missing a full year's service in the Guard, Killian believed everything in that document. 

The subset of facts that are not in dispute: Bush leapt to the front of a long waiting list to get into the Texas National Guard despite having negligible qualifications, ostensibly to train in flying fighter jets; then Bush got his Guard assignment transferred to Washington to work on his father's political campaigns; then Bush was allowed somehow to leave the Guard before his term was up, simply because, in his words, "I wanted to go back to school". I wonder how many service people in Vietnam knew someone could get out of the military once enrolled simply by saying "I want to go back to school"? 

Robert Redford and Topher Grace are said to be excellent and ... "*Ms. Blanchett, in one of her greatest screen performances, offers a compelling portrait of a driven, high-strung television journalist fearlessly operating in a cutthroat professional climate*. She is relentless in tracking down documents that appear to have been written in the early ’70s by Mr. Bush’s commander, Jerry B. Killian, who died in 1984. And when she finally secures an interview with Lt. Col. Bill Burkett (Stacy Keach), an ailing National Guard veteran, who produces incriminating documents that seem to be authentic, her case momentarily seems airtight."

Review at the embed. 

"Killian Documents on Wiki: 

Also, "CBS Refuses Ads for ‘Truth,’ Film About a ‘60 Minutes II’ Segment

Article: In ‘Truth,’ a News Team Tells Its Side of a ‘60 Minutes II’ Scandal
“Truth,” starring Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford, looks back at a “60 Minutes II” report and its fallout.
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Paula Jones

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Because NO.
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Paula Jones

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Sailing on San Francisco bay today, watching the Blue Angels rehearse for this weekend's shows 
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It was absolutely lovely 
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Paula Jones

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Hatred based on ignorance
There are three mosques in Wyoming, and the newest one is in Gillette, a town of about 30,000 on the prairie. There are only a few Muslims there, mostly from one extended family; they own some hotels and most have been there for decades. They converted a house into a makeshift mosque.

Only recently has this become a problem. The founder of the Facebook group “Stop Islam in Gillette” has changed its name to “Stop Forced Syrian Immigration to Gillette,” in order to “better reflect the group’s ideals,” as their main fear now is Syrian refugees. There are no Syrian refugees in Gillette, though, and there are none coming, so the group’s focus is still the mosque.

Is anyone really surprised? People are being told to fear and hate. They’re being given a target for their disenfranchised, impotent anger, and some of them are taking it. They didn’t suddenly come up with this on their own; they didn’t come up with it after 9/11, when their leaders were telling them something very different—and when there weren’t quite so many who felt so helpless and hopeless.

Now that we have a political party dedicated to channeling those feelings at a particular group, I expect we’ll only be seeing more of this.
Bret Colvin says founded the “Stop Islam in Gillette” Facebook group for one reason. “I don’t want Jihadis in my neighborhood.” Colvin is a Catholic, and
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Very correct Tessa
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Paula Jones

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Lol xxx
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Paula Jones

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Go Sharks 
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+Paula Jones Modesty. :) Great shot! :)
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Paula Jones

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New hot drink machine at work. Should I get a small, medium or large?
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okay any how
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Paula Jones

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Look what I found at the beauty shop today. Clinton was amazing in the debate considering her condition.
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Not applicable in her case... It is not the womanhood being exposed in this caricature.
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