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Bench to beauty
I was visiting a friend in Golden, CO, when I passed a house
in her neighborhood that was seemingly getting rid of the stuff, you know free
stuff by the road, well I noticed this bench on the porch.  Knocked on the door and asked if they by
chance wanted to...

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Creating a Pin Board
The same weekend I got the Pig had to go , my sister Cheryl and
I went to an antique barn , we both bought an old map/blueprint or printers drawer .   She made a printer box chalk board out of hers (see on State-line Crafter's); and me, I sat on mine for mo...

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The Pig Had to GO!
My sister Cheryl invited me down for a weekend and sent this table home with me hoping I could save it.  Apparently her
grandchildren had gotten a hold of her antique farm table , and went crazy with
the paint .   Yes, I love piggy's , but I've never heard ...

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Special Events
I attended two very special events this weekend.  First the event, the Annual Girl Talk, God
Talk TEA PARTY , at the Methodist Church, here in Durand, IL.   It was so much fun .  Of course I dressed up in
a  tea party ensemble I throw together complete with...

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Pattern Tracing
When I buy patterns for the kiddos , they usually come in size 1-4, of 6-12, whatever....  Simplicity 9968 once you cut size 3 out, you can no longer use the pattern for any size larger.  So, I trace my patterns .    Like this adorable pair of summer jammie...

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Something Special for Eden
Spring is in the Air ..... It's my youngest granddaughter's second birthday coming up and I want to make something
special.   How about a twirl-y
dress for tea parties
with Grammy Bear ...... yeah, she doesn't call me that, yet.... I'm  still
working on tha...

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Preserves Filled
My favorite food is CAKE .  
My Mom and I both like cake with our afternoon tea .  Since I've been here with her, I've made 6
different cakes, 5 bunts from scratch.  2
Coffee, 1 chocolate, and this one, apricot filled , rather I changed it
to a Strawberry R...

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Stop by and see the tutorial for this tea cozy.

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attended a Tea party with my Aunt Junie , last year.  The hostess of our table had a tea pot I'd
never seen before, it was an  Insulated Metal covered Teapot with cork stopper, love it!!     O f
course I had to have one!   With the insulator it keeps your...
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