I'm working on an exciting new +ZAGAT project called London Food Lover's. It's basically going to work like the current restaurant survey, but rather than restaurants it's all about food shops - everything from brilliant butchers to fantastic fishmongers to cute little spice shops, that great Algerian coffee bean place in Soho and all sorts of other tiny foodie places.

The survey is in its very early stages, ie I'm currently putting together the list of properties for people to vote on, and that's where YOU come in.

I want the survey to really represent the whole of London so I'm asking all the foodie people I know (and a load that I don't) to let me know about any fabulous food shops that they know about - from Stoke Newington to Acton, and Streatham to Hendon.

Do please share with any foodie fiends, the more the merrier...
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