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+Alex Torres Weird...I have the app - and I also had email notifications checked too - most odd, I will investigate! Thank you - and Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Happy New Year / Happy Hogmanay to you & Stephan too x

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If you're going to Wimbledon this week, here's where to eat if you don't fancy being stung for a fortune for strawberries...

Wow, as of today all my & +Sholto DouglasHome 's hard work editing London restaurant reviews for +ZAGAT is available FREE to the whole world. Lucky world! (Go to the More tab on the left hand side, click Local, then search for the restaurant name)
This, people, these numbers and inverted commas and so forth are what drives me (and probably +Bill Corsello who has to make my messes look and sound better) to hand-wringing distraction for months on end each year. I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labours....

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Very much looking forward to tonight's little shindig. Although obviously will be gritting my teeth about being surrounded by so much young talent. Think I might start lying about my age...
Seven hours to go til +ZAGAT's first London #30under30 kicks off at the Gilbert Scott - very excited about meeting all the nominees & trying out the house cocktail, the 1873 (gin, apple, rhubarb, cranberry juice & champagne)

I'm working on an exciting new +ZAGAT project called London Food Lover's. It's basically going to work like the current restaurant survey, but rather than restaurants it's all about food shops - everything from brilliant butchers to fantastic fishmongers to cute little spice shops, that great Algerian coffee bean place in Soho and all sorts of other tiny foodie places.

The survey is in its very early stages, ie I'm currently putting together the list of properties for people to vote on, and that's where YOU come in.

I want the survey to really represent the whole of London so I'm asking all the foodie people I know (and a load that I don't) to let me know about any fabulous food shops that they know about - from Stoke Newington to Acton, and Streatham to Hendon.

Do please share with any foodie fiends, the more the merrier...

Hmmm, I seem unable to join a hangout that I've been invited to. A sad robot is telling me "Aw. We're sorry, but you're not allowed to join this hangout." Anyone got any ideas what I do now...?

Planning a California trip which will mostly be based out of Pasadena, probably include a trip to Santa Barbara, and maybe even a schlep out to the Grand Canyon. Anyone got any amazing restaurant reccs? +Jacqueline Wasilczyk I figured you might? Or at least know someone who did....?

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This week's interview is with Jacob Kenedy from Bocca Di Lupo...
(I have to say that writing about delicious food and restaurants makes my lunches at home seem VERY boring - soup, yawn, salad, snore)

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When I'm not writing beauty and features stuff, I do stuff for Zagat too, which is rather lovely because two of the things I love most in this world are London and food, and Zagat lets me do both of them.
Among the places that have bowled me over with their ability to do delicious things with steak is Hawksmoor. They also have a way of hiring ace staff who are just the right side of familiar, and there's something almost alchemic going on with their cocktails - nothing not to love, frankly.
So when I had to prod a few restaurant types to talk to me about London's restaurant scene, Will Beckett, one half of Hawksmoor, was on my list....

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This was the picture. Don't worry, I'll get the hang of this soon....
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