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The only online directory for women in business.

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#Expatlife offers information to assist people#relocating to the UAE. It acts as a useful #directoryto help you source a specialist in the field you require details for. This handy #platform provides links directly to the experts so they can be contacted, then discuss your individual needs and advise accordingly. Previously Expatlife has proved to be an #essentialguide, helping many expats settle happily in #Dubai. Information on subjects ranging from #findingahome, to providing a host of contacts covering all aspects of possible#financialhelp, plus #exclusiveoffers and #discountsto save you money. This is a one stop e-magazine for assistance when #movingtotheUAE. Click this link to open E-magazine :- #emagazine #onlinemagazine#movieoffer #wincinematickets #expatlife#freecinematickets #winfree #movieticket#Dailyoffer #Dailydeal #watchnow #weeklyoffer#weeklydeal

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AFB Global Mortgage Consultants is a boutique firm that offers you personalized and specialized mortgage services. The professional staff at AFB Global will discuss all the options available to you when taking the step to buy a home and assist you with the mortgage process from beginning to disbursement.
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A new company set up in Dubai can be perfectly achievable if you’re willing to put in the hard work and time necessary for success. Whether you’re selling gold, trading in foodstuffs or starting your construction supply firm, the opportunities are endless and the potential is limitless.
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The Middle East has its own set of unique laws and regulations that dictate how business can operate in the region. This may be easy for local businesses to follow but for international giants looking to make a foothold in the Dubai business market it can be a challenge to manage payroll according to various Statutory Compliance regulations in the region and the increasing complexities of bank regulations in an emerging market.
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Sandi Saksena heads the division ‘Family Matters’ at Echelon Advisors and Management Consultants, her family firm, while focusing on Financial Empowerment of Women. Sandi is a regular contributor to the media on topics related to personal finance, as well as a sought after guest speaker at events that focus on women empowerment.
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Marriage is a blessed bond of love and compassion between two people, but it also seals a legal obligation under the laws of marriage by both partners. A potential couple should be aware about the existing laws of marriage. There are obligations that the couples have to follow when they accept and sign the official papers on their wedding day. Failing to fulfill the marriage vows can result in possible legal action by the governing law.
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The world is getting extremely competitive. There appears to be are fewer jobs, and fewer opportunities to go around. A fine example of this is Dubai; a melting pot of diverse cultures where the economy might be booming but the job market has diminished in recent years. The one advantage you can offer your children for a secure future is a top quality education.
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A long flight in a private jet, moving from one corner of the world to another means breaking through the time zone schedule, resulting in a phenomenon called jet lag. Although being jet lagged is true and it occurs normally, many believe that the jet lag cures people follow, are a myth.
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There is something inherently romantic about the seas. It has long been associated in human history as the gateway to adventure, discovering new lands and the raw battle of human survival against nature’s most unforgiving elements. Today the sea is navigated by those who understand the meaning of luxury.
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An expat’s life can be full of unexpected turns. It is a constant struggle to balance your career and personal goals. Your initial choice of career my turn out to be not quite what you expected. What can you do about it? Today you might be a make-up artist and tomorrow it may dawn on you that you want to start editing films or change into a completely different career field like public relations. Careers can be similar to relationships; certain people have to find what makes them completely happy in order for harmony to materialize.
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