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Looking for advice. I understand that using a electronic shutter on moving objects will be distortion but in the real world situations, how fast does the moving object has to be before there is visible distortion? I am looking to upgrade to a newer body that has electronic shutter for small concerts.

Hi Nikon 1 Users,

I recently bought myself a used V1 for street photography.  I have a few questions about settings that would help with shooting moving people on the streets.

- With my camera set to AF-C, Focus Area to Auto, and mode to "Continuous", would the camera focus on the same moving subject if I hold the shutter button to shoot 10 frames in the row?  Or does it just focus quickly shot after shot but may not be the same subject?

- If I switch to AF-Tracking, does the camera only tracks the subject after press OK?  Or would it start tracking if I press shutter button half-way with the centre marker on the subject that I want to track?

- I couldn't find a setting where I can change to focus-priority rather than release-priority.  Is there one?

I appreciate anyone's input!


I am in the market for a point-and-shoot to compliment my m4/3 kit.  I am on the fence whether to get just a basic one like a Canon 340HS or spent a tiny bit more for a XF1.  I know that the XF1 is not a favourite amongst X users because its target audience is not for series photographers.  But I am wondering your opinion on the XF1 as just a day-to-day, take it anywhere, and street photography p&s.

The reason not to pick the XF1 is that it doesn't have wifi and it's slightly more expensive.  But obviously the XF1 will in theory has better IQ because of the slightly larger sensor.  But I am not sure for my purposes, it will make too much diffence.  What do you guys think?

Another option would be go up to a X20 with a faster lens.  That's if I can find one since it's been discontinued.  Although, it would be bigger than an everyday carry camera.

Questions for X-E2 shooters who used to shoot with X-E1.  With the firmware updates on the E1, are there any functional differences between the two camera bodies other than wifi?  I know they use a different version of sensors, different focusing, and different processors but these do not in mind change any functionality....just speed.

I am looking for buy a new X-E1 if there isn't much of a difference....the cost difference between the E1 and E2 is significant.

I noticed there are not a lot of people posting X10 or X20 pictures.  What are your thoughts on them other than the obviously smaller sensors?

For those of you who do a lot of B&W street photography, do you use B&W JPEGS right off the camera or you still use RAW and convert afterwards?  Just wondering because I heard that with the X cameras, a lot of people don't feel the need to shoot RAW.  And if you shoot jpegs, do you still do some sharpening in post?

Hi everyone.  I am in the market for a crop sensor mirrorless and looking at the NEX line.  I've read the new A5000 is not worth the money compared to the older models.  So I am looking at the older 3x or 5x.  I am having trouble finding the differences between the NEX-5 generation models.  5, 5N, 5R, 5T......can someone give me a quick primer on the differences? I am possibly looking at buying used so I need some information.  Thanks I appreciate anyone's help.

Also, what one or two main reasons to get the 5 series compared to the 3 series?

Anyone still owns the E-PL2?  I am still using it but have the urge to upgrade.  Does anyone have a newer E-PLx body that can tell me if the differences in the sensor is significant in terms of IQ?

I am using LR 4.4 and not planning to spend money on LR 5 yet.  If I get a new model camera that the LR 4.4 doesn't officially support, is there still a workaround so that the RAW files can be used in LR 4.4?
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