Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), who serves with Schakowsky on the intelligence committee, said that Schakowsky’s memory of what the committee had been told was incorrect. “If anybody is trying to politicize this thing, it’s Rep. Schakowsky by twisting the intelligence to help the president’s reelection chances,” he told Breitbart News.  “That’s very dangerous.  Her comments do not reflect what we were told.”

Another quote:

The State Department had no evidence of a protest at the U.S. consulate, and the Central Intelligence Agency had reported to Washington within 24 hours that the Benghazi attack was an assault by terrorists, not a spontaneous demonstration against a video.

Yet Schakowsky blames it on the intelligence community. 


Good news: 
a) everybody sees through it
b) the intelligence community isn't exactly likely to take this lying down
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