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From here on out, please find me over here:
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One more reason to love being a freelancer - not having to depend on one company in an ever-changing landscape!
This is a graphic I think about ALL the time. Summary: the last 50 years have seen a dramatic change in the types of skills in demand in the workforce. A trend began, at least in the United states, as far back as 1985: demand for "routine manual skills" has held relatively steady, demand for non-routine manual skills has plummeted. Demand for routine cognitive skills climbed through 1970, then fell. What's hot? Non-routine analytic and non-routine interactive skills. Full OECD report (PDF)

Cleaner graphic here:
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+Rich D To each his or her own - the routine doesn't appeal to everyone (though there are definitely times I wouldn't complain about the routine paycheck!)
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The letter below is long, but worth every second.

From Orion Magazine:

In February, Time magazine broke the news that the Sierra Club, an old and respected environmental defender, had, for three years, accepted $25 million from Chesapeake Energy, one of the largest gas-drillers in the world. (In 2010, Michael Brune, the Sierra Club’s new executive director, refused further donations from the company.) The story prompted Steingraber to write an open letter to the Club, posted below. We invite you to read the letter, which testifies to the confusion, fear, and outrage that’s pouring out of communities in gasland—but which is also, importantly, a bold call to courage.


No right way is easy. . . .We must risk our lives to save them.
—John Muir, Sierra Club’s founder

Dear Sierra Club,

I’m through with you.

For years we had a great relationship based on mutual admiration. You gave a glowing review of my first book, Living Downstream—a review that appeared in the pages of Sierra magazine and hailed me as “the new Rachel Carson.” Since 1999 that phrase has linked us together in all the press materials that my publicist sends out. Your name appears with mine on the flaps of my book jackets, in the biography that introduces me at the speaker’s podium, and in the press release that announced, last fall, that I was one of the lucky recipients of a $100,000 Heinz Award for my research and writing on the environment.

I was proud to be affiliated with you. I hoped to live up to the moniker you bestowed upon me.

But more than a month has past since your executive director, Michael Brune, admitted in Time magazine that the Sierra Club had, between 2007 and 2010, clandestinely accepted $25 million from the fracking industry, with most of the donations coming from Chesapeake Energy. Corporate Crime Reporter was hot on the trail of the story when it broke in Time.

From the start, Brune’s declaration seemed less an acknowledgement of wrongdoing than an attempt to minister to a looming public relations problem. Would someone truly interested in atonement seek credit for choosing not to take additional millions of gas industry dollars (“Why the Sierra Club Turned Down $26 Million in Contributions from Natural Gas Interests”)?

Here, on top of the Marcellus Shale, along the border between Pennsylvania and New York—where we are surrounded by land leased to the gas industry; where we live in fear that our water will be ruined, our mortgages called in, our teenage children killed in fiery wrecks with 18-wheelers hauling toxic fracking waste on our rural, icy back roads; where we cash out our vacation days to board predawn buses to rallies and public hearings; where we fundraise, donate, testify, phone bank, lobby, submit public comments, sign up for trainings in nonviolent civil disobedience; where our children ask if we will be arrested, if we will have to move, if we will die, and what will happen to the bats, the honeybees, the black bears, the grapevines, the apple orchards, the cows’ milk; where we have learned all about casing failures, blow-outs, gas flares, clear-cuts, legal exemptions, the benzene content of production fluid, the radioactive content of drill cuttings; where people suddenly start sobbing in church and no one needs to ask why—here in the crosshairs of Chesapeake Energy, Michael Brune’s announcement was met with a kind of stunned confusion.

The Sierra Club had taken money, gobs of it, from an industry that we in the grassroots have been in the fight of our lives to oppose. The largest, most venerable environmental organization in the United States secretly aligned with the very company that seeks to occupy our land, turn it inside out, blow it apart, fill it with poison. All for the goal of extracting a powerful heat-trapping gas, methane, that plays a significant role in climate change.

Climate change: identified by The Lancet as the number-one global health problem of the 21st century. Children, according to the World Health Organization, are among its primary victims.

It was as if, on the eve of D-day, the anti-Fascist partisans had discovered that Churchill was actually in cahoots with the Axis forces.

So, I’ve had many weeks now to ponder the whole betrayal and watch for signs of redemption from Sierra Club’s national leadership. Would it be “coming clean” (to quote the title of the executive director’s recent book)?

Freed from the silence that money bought, would it now lend its voice in support of environmental groups in New York State that seek a statewide prohibition on fracking? Would it come to the aid of those in Pennsylvania calling for a halt to the devastation there?

Would it, at the very least, endorse the modest proposal of Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy, who recommend a national moratorium on fracking until human health impacts are researched?

And would Michael Brune humbly ask forgiveness from antifracking activist Lisa Wright, formerly on the executive committee of the Sierra Club’s Finger Lakes chapter? As recently as last May, in response to a direct query from Wright, who had become suspicious, Brune wrote, “I do want to be clear about one thing: we do not receive any money from Aubrey McClendon, nor his company Chesapeake. For that matter, we do not receive any contributions from the natural gas industry. Hopefully this will alleviate some concerns.”

The answer to all of the above questions: No.

So, Sierra Club, call some other writer your new Rachel Carson. I’ll be erasing your endorsement from my website.

And take back these words, penned by your own fierce and uncorruptible founder, John Muir, that have hung for years by my writing desk:

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The wind will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.

There is no peace in the mountains and hills over the Marcellus Shale. No glad tidings. The forests of Pennsylvania are filled with chainsaws, flares, drill pads, pipelines, condensers, generators, and the 24/7 roar of compressor stations. The wind that blows east from the gas fields carries toluene, benzene, and diesel exhaust. Sunshine turns it all into poisonous ozone. Storms send silt into trout streams from denuded hillsides and cause good people to lie awake at night, worried about overflowing impoundment pits full of neurotoxic chemicals and overturned frack trucks full of carcinogens.

Even now, plans are being laid to transport 88.2 million gallons of liquid propane and butane to caverns that lie beneath the idyllic New York lakeshore where my ten-year-old son was born. (“This transaction is yet another example of the successful execution on our plan to build an integrated natural gas storage and transportation hub in the Northeast,” says the company called Inergy.) When you tramp through the fields and forests where I live—40 percent of the land in my county is leased to the gas industry—cares don’t drop off like autumn leaves. They accumulate like convoys of flowback fluid laced with arsenic, radium, and barium with no place, no place to go.

And, yes, they are fracking in Rachel Carson’s beloved Allegheny County, too.

The hard truth: National Sierra Club served as the political cover for the gas industry and for the politicians who take their money and do their bidding. It had a hand in setting in motion the wheels of environmental destruction and human suffering. It was complicit in bringing extreme fossil fuel extraction onshore, into our communities, farmlands, and forests, and in blowing up the bedrock of our nation. And I can’t get over it.

So, here are some parting words from the former new Rachel Carson.

The path to salvation lies in reparations—not in accepting praise for overcoming the urge to commit the same crime twice. So shutter your doors. Cash out your assets. Don a backpack and hike through the gaslands of America. Along the way, bear witness. Apologize. Offer compensation to the people who have no drinkable water and can’t sell their homes. Whose farm ponds bubble with methane. Whose kids have nosebleeds and mysterious rashes. Write big checks to the people who are putting their bodies on the line in the fight to ban fracking, and to the grassroots groups that are organizing them.

Finally, go to Washington and say what the Sierra Club should have said in 2007: Fracking is not a bridge to the future. It is a plank on which we walk blindfolded at the point of a sword. There is no right way to do it. And the pirates are not our friends.


Sandra Steingraber
READ. Change Everything Now! The Artist's Vision · A Moment in Nature · Climate Activism · Children and Nature · Multimedia · for Educators · Essential Questions · Nature Literacy Series · Orion i...
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Jessica Glendinning

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Okay, Google+... I have a question, and fear that I already know the answer.

At the end of last year, I changed names and transitioned to a new gmail address. I have managed to (painfully) transition over to the new address for most of my Google presence, but Google+ eludes me.

Is there a way to transition my current Google+ account to the new name, or do I have to start over? {fumes internally}
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Alright. I'm one step closer, but I hit another wall. I was able to "liberate" the data from my old Google account... now I just need to figure out how the heck to import it into the new one!

I need some serious help!
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Still for sale. Additional links:


My post on going car-free (the reason I'm selling):
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Is anyone else participating in NaNoWriMo this month? 2011 marks my 5th year of crazy noveling, and what will hopefully be my 4th win! I'd love to see what everyone else is working on during this adventure.
Thirty days and nights of literary abandon
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Jessica, hi! Hope you are doing great. Doing it next year for sure! I did a TV interview yesterday where they promoted 2 of my books toward NiNoWriMo (topics were motivation & writing) so I was really humbled with that .... I have got to write my novel too.
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Ride a bike in Charlottesville? Have you heard about the Cville Bike Lab?
Weekly if not daily, I'm reminded that Charlottesville is a great place with people who are interested and invested in making Charlottesville a better place. Cville Bike Lab is one of those “makes...
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If you happened to wonder where the heck I've been... it's because I've been deep in the planning process for this year's Eco Fair.

If you're in Charlottesville, be sure to stop by the Main Street Arena on Earth Day (Sunday the 22nd), from 12-6 pm! One free raffle ticket per attendee, and lots of great workshops, local music, etc!
Earth Week is Charlottesville and Albemarle's annual celebration of Earth Day and is an official affiliate of the Earth Day International network. In keeping with Earth Day's mission to "broaden th...
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A friend shared this with me recently, and it felt worth sharing here.

(via Earthrace Conservation

"In recent times I’ve started to look at the conservation movement as tribalism. It gives people something bigger to belong to than just themselves. Humankind historically has been tribal but, recently, many societies have lost these familial connections. We’ve lost our natural tribes, being limited to small families instead, or in many cases not even that. So we look for other things to replace this. Following our local football team, national rugby team or some basketball franchise is one way we satisfy our tribal urge. The connections, though, are loose. We wouldn’t bleed our own blood, or at least hopefully not, for the sake of a football team.

Conservation is uniting people in a similar way; however, the sense of belonging and contribution is much stronger. People are willing to sacrifice much more in support of their tribe. Further to this, their tribe is one of many sub-tribes making up the conservation movement in general. So all the conservation groups, including Earthrace, are all sub-tribes with converging values and ideals, and together we make up a very considerable tribe that is a growing and mobile force around the globe."
Respect and protect. Commercially harvested openly in places, and killed under the guise of research in others - the giants of the oceans are awe-inspiring even in pictures. They are not alone in bein...
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This would be a fantastic opportunity to ask the President about his environmental intentions, and push for followup on the promises he made on the campaign trail.

(Thanks to +Simon Leufstedt for the heads up on this)
The White House originally shared:
What is your question for President Obama? On Monday, January 30, the President will join a special +Google+ Hangout from the West Wing and answer questions that have been submitted by Americans from across the country. Ask now at
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Such an amazing feeling to watch true democracy in action. The people spoke, and it appears that someone just may have listened!
Grist originally shared:
The Obama admin is delaying the Keystone XL decision. Not victory yet, but a good step, says Bill McKibben.
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+Chris Forsyth, I take the small victories where I can. I am the first to admit that our political system is a broken sham, but every once in a while, when a politician actually does something to represent the voters who put him or her in office, I see a small glimmer of hope. Small glimmer, mind you...
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