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Aaron Crocco
Writer, Podcaster, Father, Apple Lover and Delorean Driver. Powered by coffee.
Writer, Podcaster, Father, Apple Lover and Delorean Driver. Powered by coffee.

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Hi there! Thanks for checking out my profile on The Plus as I like to call it. Here's a quick snapshot of what I'm about:

I'm a writer! Yay! I scribble science fiction and apocalyptic stories.
My debut novel SPIRIT HACKERS came out on July 31, 2015.
I'm a huge Back to the Future nerd. Yes, I own a Delorean. Stalk my photos to see more.
Big fan of the NY Islanders hockey team.
I <3 Apple but I'm not an Android hater. I try to keep an open mind.
I've been podcasting for over ten years.

If you'd like to know more about my books, simply click the link below and you'll be whisked away to my site. It's filled with book info, book buy links, book images, and did I mention book stuff?

I don't auto-circle people so please introduce yourself and see MY circles here: Y9HHvnBYMJ2.
I'm working on transitioning my interest-based circles into Collections, so you also may want to see what collections of mine you would like to follow.

Thanks for stopping by!

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This is such an awesome idea for a book! Absolutely a funny one to pick up ASAP.
Yes! It’s finally launch day for my new e-book, “More Cosplay Disasters”! In this follow-up volume to “My Cosplay Disasters”, I lay out the method I failed to develop properly to build another four helmets. This time I ruined: A Captain Rex Clone Trooper…

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I remember White Castle being Da Bomb! back in the day. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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An amazing book and a great review! Have you read DERELICT yet? Get going.
DERELICT just got recommended by Liz Bourke on!

"Adrift in space, with criminals coming for the derelict ship’s cargo, they have to work harder and smarter than they ever have before in order to survive."

That pretty much sums it up! 

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President Crybaby, for your viewing pleasure.

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Author Interview!

I'm happy to come visit Peter Richmond's blog today for his Featured Friday segment. I talk to Pete about my writing process, my favorite books, and geek out a little.

Come stop by!

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10-years ago today, Steve Jobs changed the entire landscape of mobile technology in a single announcement.

To me, and most Apple fans, it remains the best keynote Jobs ever gave. I remember getting chills as he went through three products and then showed it was one.

I can't even count how much the iPhone has changed my life. It'll be amazing to see what changes it again in the future. 

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Okay, so I had NO clue Disney was remaking DuckTales, but it's a no-brainer because the show is amazing. I want to comment about the cast, but I won't spoil the video. Just... just watch it.


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Thank you Secret Santa! Someone from +Secret Santa sent me these quite useful SNES extension cords for my controllers. I own a Super Famicom instead of an SNES and the cords are hella short. So whomever sent these, thank you!

I have to take some other photos and post thank yous, but I'm excited to participate in all this gift giving this season.

Browsing through +Secret Santa lists people have posted and working to send some stuff out. Best feeling ever to bring joy to others.
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