Interesting survey from, +Tamar Weinberg
So, you want to see the results of my Google+ survey?

Key points:
* Most of you use G+ (of course, I asked on G+) :)
* The top reasons to use G+ are Community and Ease of Use (62%), followed by Features (60%), Access to Influencers (55% - wonder how soon that will change!), Speed (31%), and it's cool/trendy (26%).
* It was almost split on how many people are using G+ more than when they first started. 52% are, 48% aren't.
* 53% will use G+ more in the future, 42% will be using it "about the same," and 5% will be using it less.
* There are some open ended questions as well, so click on the link below and get the results provided by the participants.
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