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I just met +Chris Hadfield who was signing his book at +Buchhandlung Hugendubel in Munich.
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My favorite YouTube channels – What are yours?

Some time ago I started using +YouTube more deeply than just watching the occasional funny video that somebody pointed out to me. Instead I subscribed to a few interesting channels and check every few days if there is anything interesting new. I must say that there is a lot of interesting content, and I would love find more.

Here is the list of my favorite channels, most of them about science. What are yours?

Science Green presents science news and "did you know" videos about science topics, for example covering the Curiosity Mars landing (The Latest From Mars: Day 2) or reviewing historical evidence about "Hobbits" (Concerning Hobbits). Green and +Hank Green teach in weekly installments courses about Biology and World History. I enjoy in particular John's World History episodes ( which review the entire history at a very high level, yet are insightful and funny. Hank's Biology course ( is also interesting, but a lot of it I already know, so it's a bit less interesting to me. Haran interviews various professors and researchers, mostly from Nottingham University about physics topics. Coverage about the LHC (Inside ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider - Sixty Symbols), about the faster-than-light neutrinos (Neutrinos faster than light - Sixty Symbols) and lots of other great videos. Reich  from +MinutePhysics explains advanced physics topics like The Higgs Boson, Part I or Einstein's Proof of E=mc². Muller from +Veritasium Films  interviews people on the street about everyday science phenomena, explains how they work and uncovers popular misconceptions. – Destin from +Smarter Every Day explains everything you ever wanted know about how helicopters work (DEEP DIVE #1 (You = Genius in 30 minutes)), how cats manage to always fall on their feet (High Speed Video of Flipping Cats | Smarter Every Day 58 (Cute Cat vs Physics)) and lots of other cool stuff.

Misc topics G. P. Grey explains complex topics like The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained and Daylight Saving Time Explained. – Great short talks from the +TED conference – Funny videos about popular movies "should have ended": How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended or How The Avengers Should Have Ended.

Lectures has lots of full lectures from famous universities. – I enjoyed for example Walter Lewin's (from +Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)) courses about classical mechanics ( and Electricity and Magnetism ( – Leonard Susskind from +Stanford University teaches excellent courses about Quantum mechanics ( and other advanced physics topics. khan from +Khan Academy posted literally thousands of videos, teaching all kinds of topics. I enjoyed in particular his History videos (

So, what do you watch?
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