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Consumptionomics by Chandran Nair #ReadingList  

Reminder: Shawn Thornton paintings

I just read "Accidental Genius" by Darold A. Treffert, a featured article in August 2014's issue of #scientificamericanmagazine. This article discusses the onset of #acquiredsavant, using medical techniques such as tDCS (transcranial direct-current stimulation), DTI (diffusion tensor imaging, DTT (diffusion tensor tracking), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy), and PET (positron-emission tomography) are used to study these savants.

tDCS is used to induce savantlike abilities in 40% of cases studied.  DTI and DTT are used to determine what happens when brain circuits are turned up or down, to reveal the intricacies of the wiring inside a person's head. NIRS is a skullcap used to relay information to imaging software, this technique allows the patient to do activities that require movement rather constrained in an MRI. A recent development of PET helmet can now be used for monitoring at any time.

In a side article which discusses 'repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation'. This technique delivers a pulsed magnetic field through the skull. This then turns off the brain circuit affected by this field, allowing for scientists to study the effects of a single hemisphere.

For more information in the full article, here is the link to Scientific American's website on Accidental Genius by Darold A. Treffert <>

This post is for educational and private purposes only. It is an open post for anyone to comment or critique on my writing style to further improving my abilities in response writing. Thank you for taking the time to read this piece written by me, adapted from the article referred above.

Alonzo Clemons, an incredible sculptor developed by acquired #savant   #scientificamericanmagazine  

Jason Padgett, developed a passion for math, physics and drawing geometric shapes. Now writes books and creates geometric art. #savant   #scientificamericanmagazine  

Fantasia: The Lightning Sonata, op.1. by Tony Cicoria, #listenlater   #savant   #scientificamericanmagazine

Darek Amato-Acquired Savant-composes, performs, and records on piano #listenlater #savant   #scientificamericanmagazine  
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