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Question: Does anyone have a SodaStream?
If yes, which model and do you like it?
A family member asked for one for his birthday and I am getting frustrated looking at specs for each model.
Help appreciated....!
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I have the Penguin and like it a lot, although I only use in summer.
I have an older Soda Stream and love it. It is most similar to the Pure.
We have the Fountain Jet and absolutely love it. We don't drink soda, but love sparkling water and were tired of all the waste from bottles. We use it almost every day, and we like the natural essence oils as well for a bit of flavor w/o additives.
Hi Helene, I can't remember which model I have but it's one of the most basic ones and it works great. We use it all the time! There's not much functional difference between the models, just design and price.
Thanks everyone for the response. I don't know how my sister in law would use hers but I am tempted to get one for us too to make sparkling water.
I am not a gadget person and this is a gadget that I would continue to replace.
Yes...we have one and love it. We have the basic model but I wish we would have gotten the one that tells you how much co2 was left...other than that they all work basically the same.