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Steven Cook-Stratton

Is there a possibility of getting a new "message sent" sound effect that is softer and less obnoxious? The current one seems much louder and harsher than it should be.

Does anybody else have issues with the touchscreen when battery is low? Gesture typing is agonizing when battery levels get down to ~15%. This has happened to me since buying my N6. Stock ROM, stock kernel and Franco kernel.

Any thoughts or insights?

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Thank you Google for providing the most reliable, most safe and most fun licensing/payment/whatever related to billing servers to work with. (it's sarcasm for those who don't get it)

It's unfathomable how rudimentary your whole payment/license checks work when a huge part of your revenue comes from apps that you don't even build (yes Google gets a 30% share from all our revenue just in case you didn't know).

How is it possible that:
1 - You don't update your Licensing sample code app for over 3-4 years? For noobs that are just starting on Android the code is a piece of junk, un-safe, using deprecated APIs... I can't even...
2 - Your in-app-payments lib/sample code is a piece of shit, hasn't been updated in a while and it's full of dumb coding that crashes your app. So we must waste our time debugging your own shit, listening to angry users because your app crashed, and then fixing your own code. WHY?
3 - Why is it that I get e-mails from time to time with users complaining that YOUR servers are returning a "License check error" or "unlicensed" when they bought the app?
4 - Why is it that I'm working on my own app and sometimes I get a "License check error" just out of the blue? I'm the fucking developer, can't you cross check? You have a huge Google Play Services platform with a gazillion services running on our devices (sometimes even fucking us by keeping the device awake for no reason) why don't make use of it to provide a better infrastructure for billing/payments/whatever to stop fucking us?

Google, it's not me, it's YOU. Can you just fix your shit? It's like you don't want us to spend money on you, because it seems like everything that is related to billing/payments/licenses is just plain fucked and you don't even care to fix it.

Oh and by the way, while you fix your shit, how about letting us developers download our own fucking .apk directly from the store? You know, I might want to install the app on other devices or just load the production version of my app while my local build is broken during my development process. I dunno, just a thought.

Share this if you agree, maybe someone from Google reads this somewhere on the interwebs.

Yes I'm pissed.
Plz fix, I donated.
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I just wanted to double-check, because the outlook didn't seem good at the time this was discussed. Are any developers planning on getting or supporting the Nexus 6? If not, how can I donate directly towards a Nexus 6 funding? Thanks!

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New franco.Kernel version for the Nexus 6

* r1
* New! Goodbye mpdecision, hello my Hotplug solution
* Improvement! Merged the latest version of Interactive
* Improvement! Encryption is not forced
* Improvement! Merged the latest Wi-Fi driver patches from Google
* Improvement! Added support for Performance Profiles on the new franco.Kernel updater update
* Improvement! Added support for display RGB adjustments
* Improvement! Improved encryption devices read/write speeds by increasing the Kernel threads priorities
* Improvement! Toughful changes on cpu-boost to be smarter and improve battery life
* Improvement! Use interruptible threads on some key subsystems to decrease the overall system load
* Improvement! Add the usual thermal throttle threshold entry
* Improvement! Tuned interactive and cpu-boost tunables for a more conservative behaviour to increase battery life



Sent from franco.Kernel updater (

#becauseFKU #francoKernel
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That moment when you freak out because you accidentally deleted your device's /system partition, but then you laugh and remember that Google Nexus devices are the easiest phones to repair!
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Can we just revert back to the previous Floating Windows that were used? Or at least an "off" switch for all floating windows. The new method is horrible, and more of an inconvenience than anything else. 

Just clean-flashed the latest JFLTE nightly and ran into lots of lag and many reboots, almost always happening when scrolling. Installing apps caused lots of freezing too. Used 8/4 PA GApps and stock kernel.
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