Please Help Rocky :(

Friends, There is no easy way to say this. But I could desperately use your help. As most of you know, my best friend, my pup Rocky is very ill. It is looking like he has a bad bacterial infection, or ingested a toxin. Either way, he is fighting hard. The vet has him on Anti-biotics, fluids, etc to try to help his body fight this thing. I REFUSE to give up. I know he can beat this. He is a strong boy.

The problem is, it costs alot of money to help him fight this, and without the money, they cannot continue the urgent care he needs right now. SO I AM HAVING AN IMPROMPTU PRINT SALE OF ANY OF MY PHOTOGRAPHS. I am putting a gallery together of everything I have to choose from, but It will take some time. I will send you an email after you purchase a print. 

So you will be getting a beautiful print to hang on your wall, while helping save a sweet boy's life. I know this is asking alot, but I am already behind on the payments, and they need it asap :(

So, here is the print sizes you will receive

$20 - 11x14 Metallic

$50 - 16x20 Metallic

$100 - 20x30 Metallic

Anything larger than $100 I need to figure out. But I will personally come deliver it if I can!

I am also selling my Canon 7D and 15 inch MacBook Pro, but haven't determined the prices yet. PLEASE DO NOT PUT THIS OFF IF YOU PLAN ON HELPING AND GETTING A PRINT! I cannot stress how much this will help us, and you get some kick butt photography to beauty up those walls. PLEASE DON"T DELAY!

I thank you all SO MUCH and I am SO SORRY to ask :( I just don't know where else to turn.

This is a photo from my visit with him this morning. He is resting comfortably, but is obviously very tired and sad. And it's breaking my heart.
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