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Valter Conceição
Transforming caffeine into to code since 2000
Transforming caffeine into to code since 2000

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Find an I/O Extended event in your area!

Google I/O is in less than a month! Attend an #io16extended event in your city to join the festivities. We already have almost 300 events on our map:


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Top 20 Hibernate Interview Questions for Java J2EE Programmers
Hibernate is one of the most popular persistent frameworks in Java world. Hibernate offers object to relational (ORM) solution which frees Java developers from writing tedious, hard to read and cluttered JDBC code converting SQL columns into Object properti...

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Android Studio 2.0 with Instant Run

One the most requested features we receive is to make app builds and deployment faster in Android Studio. Today at the Android Developer Summit, we’re announcing a preview of Android Studio 2.0 featuring Instant Run that will dramatically improve your development workflow.

Check out the Android Developer Summit Keynote, and watch the Android Studio sessions streamed live from the event for more details.

Android Studio 2.0 is available now in the canary release channel, so we can get your feedback — so let us know what you think!

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nice one

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««« Travel tips for Norway »»»

This is a collection of photos from the beautiful and amazing Norway. If you can read portuguese you can also find some useful travel tips.

Enjoy :)

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Mind blown by +Google ATAP.

#projectsoli   #mindblown   #future  
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