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Curso oficial de inglés a distancia
Curso oficial de inglés a distancia

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Hi there!

In this article you will find different suggestions as to what could have been in the Tiffany box that Melania Trump gave to Michelle Obama.

What do you think was inside?

Here is a little help with some of the more unusual words and expressions in this article:

gaudy - extravagantly bright or showy, typically so as to be tasteless (OED)

cliched (or clichéd) - showing a lack of originality (OED)

to be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth - to be born into a wealthy family of high social standing (OED)

piggy bank - a container for saving money, especially one shaped like a pig, with a slit in the top (OED)

hue - a colour or shade (OED)

Birther movement - a movement whose members insist that Obama was born in Kenya not Hawaii (OED)

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Even though with this wintry weather it may not seem so, the Earth’s 2016 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern record keeping began in 1880, according to the NASA.

The beautiful photographs in this article are a "chillling reminder of the impact of climate change."

Here are a few idioms related to the cold:

to break the ice - to say or do something to relax the atmosphere in a social setting.

Many English people start talking about the weather when they meet somebody for the first time, in order to break the ice.

To put on ice - to delay or postpone

The project for the new school was put on ice due to the lack of funding.

To be snowed under - to have too much work

This week we have all had to stay late in the office because we are snowed under with work.

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All "book worms" will enjoy this article and those who aren't might take a leaf out of Obama's book!

Happy reading!

Hi there!

Here are the missing colours from yesterday's little exercise:

tickled pink - She was tickled pick when they gave her the prize.

to be green - The new girl in the office is really green. She has no idea about anything!

to see red - The boss saw red when he was told the company had lost the contract.

a grey area - There are many grey areas in the legislation on copyright.

a white lie - I preferred to tell her a white lie so as not to hurt her feelings.

a golden opportunity - After winning the lottery, she had a golden opportunity to solve her problems and start a new life.

a white elephant - He was delighted when he inherited the castle in Scotland but it turned out to be a real white elephant, too expensive to run and impossible to sell.

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After "Blue Monday" let's have a look at a few more 'colour' idioms in English.

Decide which colours are missing from the expressions below:

tickled ................. meaning to be very pleased
to be.................... meaning to be inexperienced
to see................... meaning to be very angry
a ................. area meaning an ambiguous concept
a ..................... lie meaning a harmless lie
a ........opportunity meaning a great opportunity
a ............ elephant meaning a useless possession

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Hi there!

Let's hope today isn't a "blue Monday" for you.

There are many English expressions with "blue". Here are just a few:

To feel blue = to feel sad
After the Christmas holidays many people feel blue when they go back to their daily routine.

Out of the blue = unexpectedly
He received a call from his former boss out of the blue.

Once in a blue moon = very rarely
They go to the opera once in a blue moon. In fact they haven't been for two years.

Until one is blue in the face
She had told her teenage son until she was blue in the face to tidy his room. 

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¿Buscando alguna lectura para las vacaciones navideñas? Aquí podéis encontrar algunas ideas.

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Already bought your Christmas presents? If you haven't, check out this gift guide.

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¿Un mapa interactivo con emisoras de radio de todo el mundo que puedes oír en directo? ¡No nos puede gustar más! 
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