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This is a long story, but I will try to be brief

Last month, pedestrians found an unconscious man with injuries on head on the road. They called 108 and the ambulance transported the patient to Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital immediately at about 8 pm in the night.
As you all know, 108 is a totally free service

He was about to die. Pulse was feeble and Blood Pressure 100/70 (with support of drugs) [Normal BP is 120/80 without any drugs] 
There is something called Glasgow Coma Scale with which we measure the level of consciousness. Dead means 3 and Full Consciousness is 15. His score was 4/15
A free CT scan was taken and there was an acute SDH on the right side with an EDH on the left side. (Clots on both side of brain). It was decided to do a decompressive craniectomy on the SDH side and a craniotomy for evacuation of EDH on the opposite side. 

Two major Neurosurgical surgeries were done and many units of blood was transfused
The CT Scan, Surgery, Drugs and even Blood transfusion was done free of cost (Thanks to College students and other volunteers who donated blood)

4. CARE 
Patient was unconscious after surgery. He made slow recovery. He opened his eyes first. We tried giving instructions to move limbs, open eyes etc in tamil, english, hindi etc and after 2 weeks, he started to obey simple commands in hindi 
The patient had to be on ICU Care for many days and it was totally free
The patient had no one to care for. So the doctors and other staff in the hospital spent money from their pockets for his dress, soap etc (Food, Medicine is by the govt) 
Patient was operated and taken care by Dr.Raja.S.Vignesh, a doctor with 10 years of experience in Tamil Nadu Medical Services ( Mobile :8144414272
You can see his write up at

After 4 weeks of treatment in Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (RGGGH), patient said his name as Hari and that he is from Orissa. Since he has had severe head injury, his brain functions are slow to recover and it has taken time for him to recollect. Patient does not have any other info. How to locate his parents / family ? Police were informed on day one itself, but this chap is from Orissa.  

So, I decided to use social media. I made a post and tagged friends from Orissa. Many in my friend list (more than 200 people) shared that post too
One of that is Mr.P.V.Ramasamy ( and his friend Mr.Srinivasan ( shared it and it reached Mr.K.K.Jena (Mobile 9841045261)

Mr.K.K.Jena has made some valiant efforts and have located the family
Patient : Hari Nayak
Parents : Biswamber Nayak, Lakshmi Nayak
Village : Thuamula
District : Kalahandi
State : Orissa
His parents have now reached the hospital

The reasons for sharing this are two fold

ONE : The thought “had I been in his place as an unknown patient how my family would have suffered without getting any information for about one month”
Health care should be free for all. Nationalise Health. Strengthen Government set up. 
Life is the same for a poor labourer admitted as unknown and a billionaire 

TWO : Many people complain, even without having visited a GH or PHC once in their lifetime that government hospitals are inefficient and corrupt. 

Here is a person, who was brought in at GCS 4 (one step away from death) and had neither money nor persons to look for. He has been treated, CT Scans taken many times, Many units of Blood transfused, Operated, Kept in ICU, Ventilatory care provided, medicines given, food given - all by government (expenses like clothes etc are by few doctors and paramedical staff - but that is insignificant when compared to the government effort) 

There are hundreds of patients like this gentleman who are brought in unconscious state every month (every day around 5 to 10 patients are admitted in unconscious state with no relatives or friends) and who do not pay paisa to government, nor has to bribe any one. They are treated, cured, cared for and sent home. . . People who accuse government hospitals blindly and favour private hospitals should reflect once again 

Request Please : This story getting prominent coverage in main stream media will help in spreading the above two messages. I request your help in spreading this message

This is also a classical example of Public Private Partnership where Government (Hospital), Private (Mr.Jena) and another PPP Model (108 EMRI) all have helped a common man

This has been covered in
Hindu English, Hindu Tamil, Times of India

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