random tip for you... are you having a hangout to remember? maybe you hopped on a celeb's hangout. or you celebrated a birthday over a hangout. i've heard stories of a hangout with military family members overseas.

if you have a hangout to remember, save the hangout marker away. create an empty "Special Hangouts" circle (or whatever you want to call it). when you're having that amazing hangout, "invite" that circle. this will forever commemorate that hangout in your special circle. if you didn't think to do this during the hangout, hunt down the completed hangout post and reshare it to the special circle.

speaking of hangouts to remember... although there's a lot of hype about the famous hangouts, and over full hangouts, karaoke, dance central hangouts, and hangouts that make new friends from around the world... the hangouts that really warm my heart... the ones that i personally had more forefront in my mind over the past little while working on hangouts.... are the intimate family and friend hangouts. those that connect you to the ones you love.

as more and more g+ invites go out, and your family & friends join, i hope you think of hangouts when you want to connect with those who are close to you, yet far away...

with that in mind, i thought i'd share with you (with permission from the author) a great letter that we received a couple days ago... i hope hangouts can be this for many more people...

i hope the original author saved away that very special hangout.




You'll probably never see this through the sea of more important messages you're certainly getting right now, but I really wanted to share what I consider to be a really cool life experience that Google+, specifically Hangouts, facilitated this evening.

My wife is right at three months pregnant with our first child and we told my parents and brother over Hangouts this evening. While we were talking I couldn't help but think how cool it was that I was getting to see the reaction and faces of my parents, and my brother and sister-in-law on a singular video chat. It was actually kind of fun that the video was bouncing between them as the mic picked up on their alternating exclamations of congratulations and happiness.

When it comes down to it, I wanted to say thank you for working on and putting out a very cool product that allowed me to share a life event like that in such an awesome way. I'll never get to tell my family about me having my first child again, but I'll never forget the experience, and Google+ Hangouts was a big part of that.
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