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Joel Young
Creator of The NPA Process (Non-Personal Awareness)
Creator of The NPA Process (Non-Personal Awareness)


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Life is like art really, it doesn't care what reaction you have, as long as it's a strong one!

If life is not stirring you, perhaps you are not truly living?
Of course stirring can arise in many forms. It can arise as a deep sense of loss, a consuming rage or an adrenaline rush of fear. But equally, stirring can come in the form of profound gratitude or the exquisite soft touch of peace. And of course it often comes as Love; as the ache of your Souls longing and the inexplicable urge to both lose and find yourself in another.
If you are looking at life and you are not moved. It's all a bit 'meh', dull, 'whatevs'... Then wake the fuck up!

Come on! This is your life! This is your masterpiece to witness and live and express!
Take the covers off your head and feel the world. Cast off your mask of mild misery, put down your pride and powerlessness and step out of your cage of cynicism... Take a risk, my fine friend, and MOVE... you will encounter YOU again... And I guarantee that, before long, you will be stirred... And perhaps marvel once more at the masterpiece called Your Life ❤️🙏🏼❤️ Get moving with NPA. Visit
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There's a Biblical story that tells of Moses exodus through the desert with the Israelites. There was a drought and people were in danger of dying of thirst. Moses went off to talk to God and ask his guidance.
God said to Moses "Stop walking, dig your ditches and wait". Moses protested that stopping would surely bring death to many. But God repeated his command and that's what was done. When the ditches were complete, though the skies had been clear... that night from nowhere a huge rain storm came. The ditches collected the water and people filled their gourds.
Sometimes the guidance or inner prompts don't make sense based on the circumstantial evidence you have in front of your eyes. The dig your ditches lesson is one of faith. If Moses hadn't heeded the guidance the Israelites wouldn't have been prepared to benefit from the storm and many would have perished.
So... where in your life are you being prompted to 'dig your ditches'? Heed the signs my friend and let the miracles rain down on you
The NPA Process has been described as "A 45 second miracle". Get started at
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‪Do you limit your happiness or to make others feel more comfortable?
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Too much emphasis at times can be placed on changing our beliefs.

Beliefs are subject to identities...
In other words, many beliefs arise from a single identification. Shift the IDENTITY and all those beliefs will shift by themselves.

For example, a person who identifies themselves as a hipster is aligning with a whole host of beliefs, behaviours, ideals etc. What they wear, the places they go and the people they 'hang' with with come into line with (and re-enforce) the identity.

Of course, that's likely an innocuous 'identification' for the hipster, but many of our identifications have a dramatic influence on shaping our lives; they sit at the foundation of who we experience ourselves to be.

For example, identifying as 'not as good as...', 'not that attractive', 'not good at relationships' etc is likely to invoke all sorts of beliefs; leading to behaviours and perceptions that can make it very hard to form solid, connected and lasting relationships.

This set of beliefs is surprisingly dynamic and robust, so while it's possible to undermine the identity with a LOT of work to change the supporting beliefs, there are often enough other beliefs to maintain it, and subtle variations can grow back.

Even if you hack through what seems like ALL possible beliefs, there can still be life in the identity.

It's like cutting down a tree which, next summer, grows fresh young shoots and branches from it's stump, with leaves and buds and all the things that make it what it is. The 'tree-ness' survives.

Of course if you work directly with the IDENTITY itself, then any and all beliefs will fall into line.

NPA works with the 'loose thread' within your expression that supports the unraveling of identities that no longer serve.

This is magic.

You are casting a spell which transforms the tree into something else entirely.

NPA is the magicians wand, that helps him cast the spell directly at the tree.

Ironically working on beliefs is actually supporting the logic of its existence as tree. It supports the notion that it is a solid something.

The magician sees that all things are fluid, malleable and insubstantial in nature.

This is great news, as it makes profound, real and sustainable change both possible and relatively easy with NPA.



Visit for more info about 'do it yourself' NPA, or guided transformational sessions with me.
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Definitely a Fire day for me...
On lots of levels.

Astrologically, fire is my nature... Sun, Moon, Rising and a couple of the planets too 😜🔥So on days like today, when the vents are wide open it can be blazing and intense.

That big arsed eclipsed blue blood full moon? Well that was in Leo... more fire!

It began the completion of a cycle begun in the eclipse season of last August... bit of a gruesome time for me tbh... and the residue and echoes of those emotions and memories have seemed particularly strong this week. No doubt looking for an exit.

I do have Venus in watery Pisces which tells me what I know intuitively... it takes love, tenderness, softness and understanding to temper this fire and bring out its cozy side.

So this morning I sat in the raging blaze, looked for love in all the wrong places (probably burning down the house in the process)... but finally came home to the right place (that would be me) and found the Venus in MY heart...

So I've lit the wood burner and settled down to get cozy with my fine and tender self.

Namas-firey-day 🙏🏼🔥
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Just because the truth will set you free, doesn't mean you're going to like it.... Many awakened folk claim to applaud truth. Few really live it.
The thing is, truths can be destroyers. Destroyers of fantasy, of self image, of seemingly comforting illusion.
Truths will challenge assumptions, dislodge perceived security, rock the boat and stir you to the core.
Truth tellers often feel the force of social condemnation as they say the un-sayable and poke at that which has been painstakingly hidden.
But the truth WILL set you free. It is Shiva, it is Crone, it is the restless Holy Spirit which understands that destruction is the out-breath which makes the in-breath of creation and renewal possible.
Your reaction to receiving a difficult truth is a good indication of your state of evolution in any particular area.
I don't believe that it's necessarily more enlightened to have no emotional response. Spiritual concepts can be a weapon of suppression as much as a tool for freedom.
I would look more to the background awareness of the process of transformation, the often emotionally turbulent cracking of the bud before the bloom emerges... And hold both an enlightened and allowing-of-your-humanness lightly together.
Have in your awareness the knowledge of the gift the truth brings, and be wide open to the truth that settles in you once the dissolving is done.
If the truth is something which brings your uglier patterns to light, be prepared to face the pain that the pattern has been protecting you from. This can feel so very raw, but will be a priceless gift if you use it to the fullest.
Putting out prayers for the truth is a brave thing to do, and so many people do it without any understanding of what the implications are... Your prayer will be answered, so just remember:
Just because the truth will set you free, doesn't mean you're going to like it.
Love for you my awakened friends ❤️🙏🏼❤️
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Great Questions To Ask Yourself When The Turkey Burns

A Christmas Cracker of a blog... read it here:

Of course, as a positive thinker, I’m aware that you’re going to be cosmically ordering the perfect Christmas – more than likely online.
You know the perfect Christmas I’m talking about right..? The one that goes according to your plans…?

Well, just in case the cosmos has an ‘Amazon on a bad day’ moment; the stuffing hits the proverbial fan and – in spite of your many years of meditation – you slip out of ‘enlightened mode’ for a split second…

I thought I’d offer you some questions you can ask yourself to help you set the baubles straight on your aura… 😉

**TOP TIP: While these questions are focused on resolving potential Turkey drama, they can also be powerful allies in all manor of Christmas Crises…**

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There’s no such thing as failing.
Everything is as it should be,
All prayers are answered,
And The Bigger Being is in charge.

Love (the Divine kind) serves you to your higher goals.
The Soul is an adventurer and 'downs' provide mountains to climb.
The Soul holds the map you cannot see,
And your heart guides you on paths paved and rocky.

Love (the personal kind) is the swirling wind that tussles your hair,
That kisses your face and bites it when it’s cold.
Love has these two faces:
One that never changes and one that changes with the wind. 💖💞💕🙏💕💞💖
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I received this beautiful testimonial from a client who I have seen transform before my eyes. She is one if the bravest Souls I know and I have huge admiration for the courage she shows on her path... “Working with Joel I have been surprised by, and so appreciated, the tender compassion and acceptance that he has brought to each session. He offered a genuine loving space with no judgement; even of feelings I had previously felt sooo ashamed of.
In the past I have experienced a certain level of acceptance with facilitators but when change hasn’t come or stuckness has shown up, the focus on ‘moving on’ or changing has taken over.
Joel’s approach has the flavour of open-handed compassion and shows a level of acceptance which feels as if it comes very naturally from him.
For me though, it was a very new experience and I feel that those qualities have been key to me moving on as I have. Those more tender/”dark”/”stuck” feelings, having been offered all the time and space they needed to feel safe and relax, let down their defences and change of their own accord.
Here I am a few months later finding myself in a more peaceful and happy place! Feeling more able to deal with life, with more space and compassion now coming from within me!
Yeah!! I’m very grateful.” Jane Griffin, Leicester, UK
If you feel this kind of non-judgemental space, alongside powerful transformational tools is something that will help you make that shift, then please do yourself the kindness of visiting my page:
Sessions available on Skype or phone ❤️🙏🏼❤️
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There's no more fertile ground for meeting your shadow than in deep, real relationships that have had the time to get past the initial rush of bonding love.

It's those relationships that bring on those fragile, raw to the bone conversations... those confrontations with your self denials... those opportunities for the deepest self discovery and healing.

You don't get into this deep shadowy shit with people you don't show yourself to. With people who only have half the story. With people you only let see what you want them to see... These are the people you paint partial pictures for and offer subtle lenses to, so they might happily confirm your rightness, your victimhood or your OK-ness and soothe you away from the brink of transformation.

The deep shadow comes up with your closest mirrors... your closest relationships... the people you have allowed to truly see YOU, and who have allowed you to truly see them.

It comes up with the rare people you take the time with, you have many experiences with, you get truly intimate with, you share your unmasked soul with, you love enough to get through the rose tinted thrill of newness with.

It's the people you fight and work through with, the people you show your vulnerability to, who see your shit full on and still say "I love you and want to be here, even though you piss me off sometimes, even though it can be hard sometimes"

It's the people who ACTUALLY care about you, who actually and ACTIVELY love you and, if you're honest, it's the people YOU love and DO care about, even if your momentary pain would tell you otherwise.

Yet so often, and understandably, we feel the pull to exit just as our darkness is about to become dawn... and the danger is, we squander all the investment we have put in to get us to this very place...

Of course, even the longest deepest relationships sometimes come to their natural end - the work is done. So it's not about being spiritually macho or masochistic for the sake of healing...

But if you feel lost, confused, hurt or angry as you stumble through the valley of the shadow with a truly intimate partner - and it feels like all you want to do is run - then it IS worth asking yourself truly: "Am I running from the mirror in fear?"

And if so, "Am I willing to face MY shadow in this? My responsibility for my experiences? Expose my lies that cause my pain?"

And if you do, you will truly see a return on your investment and an answer to one of your deepest Soul-prayers will be answered.


If you'd like support as you meet the deepest shadow, it's something I have a huge amount of experience with. Take a look at my offers at
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