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Salvator Mundi - No Charge
This has been a week where Homeless Agencies in Ireland are
under severe pressure to continue to help what seems to be a growing crisis
among homeless families and rough sleepers. We have seen genuine concern from
smaller homeless services, voluntary groups...

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Scaffolding, bricks and mortar
We’re getting the church painted by degrees. There has been
ongoing restoration work done during my time as parish priest and before my
time. Naturally, the cost of the work done has been great and we have developed
ways for people to donate and contribute....

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‘It was twenty years ago today…’ These are the iconic opening
lines to an iconic song and album by the Fab Four which celebrated the fiftieth
anniversary of release on June 1 st 1967. On this day, June 8 th in 1997, I was ordained to the priesthood in St. K...
Tired of all the Bad News
Tired of all the Bad News

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You're having a laugh
Today is Vocations Sunday and therefore today we try to
remind people of the need for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
This is not a new concept, it is fifty-four years old this year. This weekend, Priests
will stand up at Masses all over the...

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Jesus Christ is Risen - A message of hope for all the world...
When the senior pupils of both schools come to Mass, I
usually take some questions at the end of the session after Mass. They like to
ask questions perhaps because it inevitably delays their having to go back to
class. One of the pupils who recently made th...

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"See, I make all things new.." (Rev 21: 5)
Good Friday
Good Friday

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Little did we know...
Visiting an elderly parishioner…a life-long smoker. The smell
of cigarettes all around the room. It was strangely comforting. It was like a
time-machine. I was taken back to my childhood. Government warning; “Smoking can damage your health it said
on the si...

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Batman Ben Farrell....
The saintly
English King, Edward the Confessor, seeing how upset his friends were as he lay
on his death-bed, consoled them all by saying; “Don’t be afraid, I’m going from
the land of the dying into the land of the living.” There was something
other worldly...

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St. Clare of Assisi...
Offreduccio was born into a noble family in Assisi on July 16 th 1194.
Her father was Favarone Sciffi, Count of Sasso-Rosso and her mother was
Ortolana. From a young age it was assumed that Clare was to marry in line with
family tradition but at 18 y...
St. Clare of Assisi...
St. Clare of Assisi...

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Over this weekend at our
Masses, we will spiritually join over a million young people from all over the
world gathered with Pope Francis in Krakow for the World Youth Day
celebrations.  Since Pope St. John Paul
II inaugurated the concept of special meetings...
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