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To get started, what does everyone think of the new Google+ Communities? Do you think this will take off, and what impact can you see it having (if any) on SEO?
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I will need to look into this further been in meetings, and then got inundated with requests from groups. Accepted yours first though :). Be interested to see how this takes off.
Hey, thanks for that! I saw all of these communities being created, but didn't see anything specific to people in the UK. I decided it was a good opportunity to jump on because I think it would be a useful community to build and I happen to really like Google+. So, we'll see how things go with it!
Sweet, I will promote via my community or let you know if another one pops up.
First impressions of the new Communities feature are positive, but then I'm a Google+ fan (albeit a tardy one).

Regarding any impact upon SEO, I guess that, as social signals and even 'author rank' grow in influence, that your membership of certain community groups might become a positive signal. Because spammy behaviour within a community would presumably lead to your getting blocked, this social signal would be near impossible to game.

As an example, say you were a yoga practitioner, and have linked your Google+ profile to your website. If you are were a participating member of relevant (and trusted) G+ communities, then I can see how this might have some bearing on the perceived authority and relevance of your website. Drilling down further, this being Google's own platform (pardon the oil-related pun), they could also identify when your input gets +1'd, by how many and how influential the +1ers are, another positive signal.

Interesting times ahead. What do you think?
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