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And just like that...not even 24 hrs later.....another SC Judge coming SOON!

Great job last night! While there certainly wasn't any sort of "blue wave" we can certainly relish in the fact that the senate is now MUCH stronger! And remember this "Members of the House of Representatives only serve two-year terms" So could be really easy to take back the house if the Dems put in an unelectable progressive idiot in or Hillary again (fingers crossed). I see a potential problem with Dems party in a national elections - 1/5 to 1/3 of their party won't vote for their own candidate in a presidential election due to "too progressive/socialist" or "too old/white and out of touch with progressives"

Now we can continue to fill all the open Judge positions with conservative Judges and as well as prevent and or counter any stupid overreach attempts by the crazies that still remain in DC swamp.

Now let's get this BS Mueller sideshow done before xmas please!

I have some very interesting possibilities coming up in 2019, I began researching everything again and this is a pretty darn cool that a couple of states have made things pretty easy to keep a LOT more of your earnings.

We've been running multiple businesses under (2) different corporations for many years, but as of 2019 we are restructuring to take better advantage of the current system. For example, you can setup your corp in a state that has zero corporate sales taxes - South Dakota and Wyoming. ...ZERO! I'm not going to go into a long winded strategy here but I can say to do your due diligence and talk it over with your CPA or Attorney to make sure you will remain compliant - and then by all means MOVE your homestead to a state with zero income taxes! like Texas, Florida etc and you will save a minimum of 5+% more of your personal income!

Lastly why the (2) corporations?.....if your like us and want to protect yourself with an extra layer from the piercing the corporate veil -
First Corporation.
#1 always pay yourself as an w2 employee - (something most people fail to do, ever try to get a loan as a self-employed status?).
#2 Never be a board member.
#3 Never be a shareholder.
There are multiple services out there that can provide the correct setup and ongoing compliance and it's going to cost a little more per year - but - it's the proper way to do it versus you and your family members being board members or shareholders and then being dragged into court if any legal issues popup.
(I used to own a restaurant and a construction company and was mentored by someone who taught me all of this.)

Second Corporation. (Owns all other llc,corps,dba's etc.)
(I like to go with offshore here because you have better legal protections since piercing that veil isn't ever going to happen unless murder/death is involved.)
#1 - Owns all the shares of all other corporations under its umbrella and It's compliance is maintained via the "agent" (attorney).
#2 - You 100% want to have these corp shares put in a local safe place since they are your only legal means to claim the corporations offshore assets and bank accounts in case things ever go sideways.
#3 - And again with offshore - ZERO taxes but you will still incur about a 5% fee on either cash-in or in some cases cash-out - so again - due diligence, but if you just want a cheap and very legal corp shield only, then this is BY-FAR your best and cheapest insurance policy! Also great for squirrelling away a few nuts.

Still thinking offshore corp? ...sure it's risky(er), but depending on your needs it can always be your rainy day umbrella. I've done offshore corp/banking setups for a few of my friends/clients over the years and there are some great deals out there for cheap if you're not picky about the name (always cheaper to buy one already setup then to apply for a new name).

So how much is all the above? ....Setup for as little as less than 1k to just over 5k depending on what all you want ...and if you want back accounts etc etc etc. Then annual cost are about on par with USA depending on where you structure.

What a great year this has been!
NEW 4.1 version along with CRM (almost completed) and we are busy busy signing up as vendors all over the US and Canada right now. November we will be rolling out the Newest version and it's going to be rolled out as a AUTO INSTALL!

No More waiting to get your site setup - just watch the new video and then proceed to the shopping cart - Your New Site is live within 10 seconds!

Just need to insert your RETS creds into our plugin and then setup the cron jobs to the recommended settings and hit save - DONE!

Only thing left is picking out a homepage from one of the 5-examples we offer and swap out the logo for your own - DONE! Anything else after that is just Content, Colors, and any other minor tweaks you may want to add.

Don't want to host on our servers? No Problem! follow our duplicator plugin video on youtube and move the entire site over to your own hosting and then don't forget to re-add the crons to your new host - DONE!

Best and Newest Features are coming out immediately after the 4.1 is released and the only teaser I will provide is that we are rolling out automation - automation - automation! Yeah ..... that and a possible collaboration on another project will mean that 2019 will be the best year ever!

lol.... just read a cached page of m's "anonymous" wordpress.cum, site - yawn...futile against the new machine muwhhaa ha ha.... You see, unlike yourself, I'm the pro in this arena. Stick to being a loser - and let the web pros do what we do best.

So Here ya go moron - something we have been doing is compiling
Texas Penal Code § 33.07
Under Texas Penal Code § 33.07(a), a person is prohibited from using the name or persona of another person, without obtaining the other person's consent and with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate, or threaten any person, in order to:

create a web page on a commercial social networking site or another Internet website; or
post or send one or more messages on or through a commercial social networking site or other Internet website, other than on or through an electronic mail program or message board program.
A violation of Texas Penal Code § 33.07(a) is a felony of the third degree.

Under Texas Penal Code § 33.07(b), a person is prohibited from sending an electronic mail, instant message, text message, or similar communication that references a name, domain address, phone number, or another item of identifying information belonging to any person:

without obtaining the other person's consent;
with the intent to cause a recipient of the communication to reasonably believe that the other person authorized or transmitted the communication; and
with the intent to harm or defraud any person.
The penalties for online harassment through impersonation under Texas Penal Code § 33.07(b) is generally charged as a Class A misdemeanor.

Between my IP and referrals stats that are all archived for all my servers/site as well as my analytics, its as easy a hitting the print button and forwarding over a retainer check - and now that I have a few actual documented skypes, emails from people who "didn't feel comfortable at this time" due these, I can now provide the evidence I needed for the attorney who will use all of the above for both state and civil - but of course I want state first so that it bolsters my payday on idiot.

Does that wife of yours know that when we sue Automatic and they turn over everything on this account that the Tx. DA and our Attorney will make your home life so much more enjoyable? ....yeah.... unlike yourself I will be the one who actually follows through with taking someone to court....and I won't even bother with the break my heart and call in a favor with some BS letters from an attorney....nope ....that's not my style at all....enjoy what's left of your marriage.

Was all the way up to #2 on page #1 today - so it took 8 days to get into top 3 slots of page 1 results. Once I complete dialing this in then it will literally take me less than 1 hour to totally setup another clone - and wait until you see how we plan to use them...came up with a GREAT idea this morning at our meeting!

Such a great year 2018 has been so far! Thanks!!

man that's powerful stuff right there - only 7 days and already on page one with auto generated trash. that was so good that I just finished cloning it over to 2 more subdomain sites tonight and set them to run for only 14 days and send me an email notice to come back and check the results - I bet they both hit page one in less than 10 days as well since they are now crossing over back links.

Very cool stuff to watch as we are dialing stuff in every day to sort out the proper ways to set this up on a larger scale of cross networking things like a spiderweb to maximize unique quality content that only requires a quick proofreading when used for real marketing .

Okay so today is the day I clean up my own automated social media stuff so that only decent quality and relevant post are pushed into RETS PRO main social platforms again - no need to waterfall the trolls there anymore as its just a matter of logging in and flipping a switch to push them back into the hole they crawled out of....

Aside from that.....later this week I will take a few hours and clone over at least 8 sub domains to complete phase 1 of 3 of my google shield - then I will let that run for a week or two to test my theories - if everything goes as expected then I will roll out phase-2 and 3 and the rest will be history. Something I noted is that no matter what someone wants to do or even pay for - they - will never be able to compete against 24/7 automation. Something that I have proven over the last few weeks is that organic versus automation loses every time to automation.

Within a month I will have also applied this to a single RE domain name that I own and then after taking 1 to 2 full days of dialing everything in I fully expect it to out rank all of the main long tail competition within 30 to 60 days and then also rank on minimum page 3 for the competitive main phrases within 60 - 90 days max and then page 2 or better within 180 days and hopefully breaking into page one between 180 to 360 days and all of it to happen with less than 40 man hours total - Going to document all of this for my own KB so that I can then target building referral sites or sites that I can lease out on yearly contracts as yet another revenue stream while building out my master project ;) it's so much more fun working on your own stuff versus dealing with the MarkD's and Georget retards.....

Well while I'm busy doing everything else enjoy a good side project to break up the never ending RET PRO customer task list (swamped atm).

I'm currently testing some seo results and more importantly how to dial in EXACTLY the right amount of good quality content and formatting......well that's just the easy day to day tweak and re-tweak but I see where what I'm doing could literally take any website from zero to hero rankings in the fastest turn around humanly possible. - can easily take what I'm doing and clone it to any seo project - I plan on setting up some of my own domains as test sites next month to see how fast I can autorank them into lead generating machines. if I keep pumping links to the old deleted free wordpress sites then I can still force them to stay ranked in the serps as placeholder results that go nowhere as intended - yet another win win - do i get tired of winning? NO! I luv it!
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