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STA Resource Wiki - Update and invite to contribute

Hi all,

Due to an increasing amount of demands on my time, I am unable to maintain the Resource Wiki and keep it up to date.

I originally created the Wiki in the hope of keeping the homebrew scene in the forefront of peoples minds and to provide a centralised platform for the works of one off and serial creators alike to be collated. I have been unable to personally maintain that standard.

As such I have reduced the posting restriction from authorised only to FANDOM registered users (I am concerned about joe public Anonymous users/bots making random changes). I believe I have configured the Wiki correctly so please let me know if you are having any issues posting.

I have only 3 real rules:

1. Credit the creator. Either real names or internet aliases, make sure that those peoples that create these wonderful works for us are credited.
2. Where possible link to the article/web page that hosts the content. Linking directly to a pdf or other document bypasses whatever narrative that may accompany the work. (e.g. Continuing Mission)
3. Don't be a dick. This is an extension of rules 1 and 2, but don't go messing with other people's legitimate contributions. You may not personally like a contribution but that doesn't give you or anyone the right to remove them.

I hope this will bring more and more useful resources from areas that I missed to the fore, and to maybe inspire others to create their own content to share with the community.



Hi all,

I have been updating my character sheets to incorporate new material from Operations.

I have also added the ability to have a minor era aesthetic - Namely altering the logo on the character sheet and swapping the CMD/OPS colours (default is TNG)

In addition I have separated the manual fill sheets into their own file, so if you just want a quick sheet you can type into and print/export it will not be affected by the main auto fill file.

As always suggestions and criticisms are most welcome.

All links on the Resource Wiki have been updated

Auto Fill - EXCEL!AjcrYYR6LwEcgpsHQKY9tDy0qcsgWQ


Manual Sheet - EXCEL!AjcrYYR6LwEcgpsI_jPLV98x6mre5A

Manual Sheet - GOOGLE SHEETS

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Unsure if people are aware but there are new Official Forums

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Had my mat printed. Looking forward to blowing up some Romulans on it in tonight's session.

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This is a battlemat I made that I am considering getting printed. I liked Tony Pi's mats on Continuing Mission, but the cut off areas bugged me. Thoughts, opinions and suggestions are, as always, welcome.

Hi All,

I have finally got around to updating my Excel based Character Sheet (It's still not converted to Googlesheets but watch this space)

I have rearranged the layout slightly and have added colour automation based on ship role (with override option - I am currently not sure about the shades. I have also made a distinction between Medical and Sciences).

Homebrew support for weapons species and talents. I have not included other aspects if people think new upbringings and environments will be a thing I will look at.

As always feedback (positive and negative) is welcome.!AjcrYYR6LwEcgbYr10TyOrPRJdrfWQ

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I have updated my Ship Registry sheet to Version 3. This has added support for COMMAND and BETA.

As always feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

NOTE: I purposefully have left the Sovereign and Captain's Yatch as presented in the book. This will be updated silently when official errata is published.



As always these are linked on the Ship Registry page of the Resources Wiki -

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I have created a Wiki for organising and linking resources

I have created a wiki for consolidating and linking resources for the community. A lot of great stuff has been posted but is beginning to get lost as time is moving forward.

Currently I have done initial layout and linked some sample items. I have also currently locked it down to authorised editors only. If you would like to help me make this into something useful for the community please let me know.

Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

My Cube has arrived!!!!!!!!!!

Unboxing pics to follow shortly.

I have received number 290, my order number was 275.

I didn't expect to get it in this wave so obviously I am well psyched.

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