Be good.
I have been to the #UXCampHH - - last weekend. What I want to tell you about in this post is the very first session I have been to in the very early morning (around eleven ...). Title: „UX for social good.“ - What can you, as an UXer, do, to make the world a  better place? (Thanks to @cklavery!)
Surprisingly a lot people joined the session. We had a nice talk about and the question for which clients you would never work - for which you would rather quit your job (which some in the session obviously did).
Some were saying, they work without much thinking about whom they work for. But they work for having money in the end and that on the other hand they can spend  for doing good to others. Or people work less for whom ever and spend their spare time for their friends' projects.
So, well, the - a little unsatisfying - solution was that of course everyone has to know by themselves, how to cope with that problem. - The problem, that “good” companies mostly do not have a lot of money to spend on their internet activities.
Later I've been to the toilet, washing my hands, standing next to a girl pulling like ten paper towels, using at last two of them and throwing the rest into the garbage.
So, what? Why do you want to start by changing WHAT you do? Why not start with HOW you do it? I myself am not an eco-angel. But I am trying to not use paper towels at all in the agency. I try to not print or, if I really need to, print four pages on one sheet (black and white of course!). I try to use the steps instead of the elevator. Some agencies only use already used envelopes. … etc.
For me it was too late to ask the people in the session what they think. So I want to ask you now: what do you do at work itself to do good, to save resources, to work sustainable, to be more social? Are you maybe even trying to change the behavior of your employer or colleagues or your customers? Do you think, this is a starting point or is this kind of inconsequential, too? Do you think it only “counts”, if you quit your job and live in the woods?
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