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The Process Of Credibility-Based Logo Design 》 | Dr. Bill Haig, Branding Strategy Insider

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Feb 22: What Do You See?
On February 18, I touched on how Jesus addressed the dominant form of racism in His day and culture. Neither government nor activism will ever be able to eliminate racism. In reality, the centrality of Christ is the ONE thing which can manage such a monumental feat. And that’s what makes John 4:35-42 stand out for me.
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The Story of Santa Claus, Part 2
In  part 1 , we learned about the historical inspiration for Santa Claus, Nicholas of Myra, who died on December 6, 343. Nicholas’ habit of cheerful giving, and his commitment to both children and the poor, allowed him to become quite the celebrity. After N...

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"Change Your Mind!" Daily Devotion Email Sign-Up
I earn a living by helping others make positive changes to their brand, themselves, and their relationships. But my personal belief is that the single most important change anyone can make is the one described by the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans...

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Sorry, Angry Birds!
This is the first radio spot that I wrote and recorded for Surf's Up Carwash in Cleveland, TN (many more would follow). At the time, Surf's Up already had a successful location in Chattanooga and was expanding to Cleveland. They hired The Alderman Group to ...

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Does God Command Me to Vote?
Do I Really Have To Choose Between Hillary And Trump? Over the course of the past two years, and particularly in the first half of 2016, debate has reached an all-time high about whether or not Christians must cast a vote in the upcoming presidential electi...

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Why Marketing Gets a Bad Rap Sometimes
Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, has spent years skewering all things corporate America, and marketing is no exception. If you want a good laugh, read through some of these Dilbert strips on the subject: And, honestly, most of the time, corporate America has e...

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Someone should create an RPG and call it Trumpolitics & Trumptianity
I think I may understand the appeal of Trump for the average American, Christian or not: He claims to be somewhat of a political conservative, while at the same time, morally, the facts about his life and beliefs seem to indicate that he is anything but...

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Jólabókaflóð: The Icelandic Christmas Book Flood
I feel like 22 years has just been stolen from me and my family. Why? Because I recently learned about an Icelandic Christmas tradition called Jólabókaflóð. I’ll let the blogger at give you the details: “In Iceland, the...
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