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Looking Back on Nepal
John Kascenska, Everest in the background “When you go to
the mountains,” Edmund Hillary said, “you see them and you admire them.  In a sense, they give you a challenge, and
you try to express that challenge by climbing them.” Some people
express that chall...
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Novelist Síle Post Wears the Green
 Síle Post        If you’re yearning for an Irish adventure
this St. Patrick’s Day, but your budget has you staying in place, why not set
out on a voyage to the Old Country with
Síle Post’s courageous Áine O’Connor, as she journeys back to her homeland
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Lincoln Reloaded: Playwright Gary Moore Raps the Great Emancipator
Gary Moore in  Shanghai, 1988          When the
student is ready, the saying goes, the teacher will appear.        Surely
this was the case when author Gary Moore took a teaching job he didn’t
particularly want on a campus full of students who didn’t partic...
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Begin With the Weather: Diaries of a "Common Laborer"
               My days of regularly haunting antique shops
are largely over. For many years, I fancied myself a collector of fine things,
and in truth, the phrase “hand-painted Bavarian porcelain” still whets the
appetite. But one does reach a point when ar...
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Meri Stiles: Compassionate Heart, Activist Heart
Meri Stiles    Gravity, if you will, has little pull in the
prints and drawings of artist Meri Stiles. Whales float overhead. Etheric
spirit forms rise from the corporal.   Simply drawn figures with elongated arms and legs shed the weight of the
world and f...
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No Armchair Adventurer: Nancy Marie Brown's Passionate Exploration of Iceland's Past
  Nancy Marie Brown and her Icelandic horse Gaeska.  Photo by Jennifer Anne Tucker and Gerald Lang.       “I had thought about it once as a way to
earn a living,” Nancy Marie Brown writes about her graduate studies of the
Icelandic sagas in an essay entitle...
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Mr. Davis Has Left the Building
     Readers of this column will have noticed that over the last months,
instead of offering my typical fare of marginally insightful commentary on
crows or the challenging climate, on the vagaries of the writing life or what
falls out when you shake a fami...
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Dancing Toward a Dream: Lucy Sanna’s THE CHERRY HARVEST
Photo:  Hope Maxwell Synder      “I’m a lover, not a fighter,” goes the
Skeeter Davis golden oldie, which touts a woman’s “soft and tender” side.   Lucy Sanna is an excellent example of what
having a foot in both camps can do for a person.      Sanna, whose...
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Magic, Myth, and Mystery: World Building with Cynthia DeKett
It’s an enchanting,
fantastical world Cynthia DeKett has created for her Three Sisters Trilogy – a
magical environment full of physical dangers as well as treachery and betrayal.
But what a courageous trio the author empowers to save it from the Reign of
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Their Songs Never Cease: Gibbons Ruark's "Hybrid Magnolias in Late April"
Gibbons Ruark                            HYBRID MAGNOLIAS IN LATE APRIL 
                          You bent to whisper to a small granddaughter,                          Exposing the bald priestly back of your head,
                          Lifting her t...
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