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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

♥ Valentine ♥

I smile to see your face,
like the glow of the warm shining sun,
thoughts of you flow through my head,
Yes, I truly believe you are the one.

My heart beats like crazy,
whenever you are near,
blood rushes to my head and I get so dizzy,
Things are never clear.

My hands are hot and sweaty,
I feel so weird and strange,
what should I do? I don't know,
My whole world seems to change.

My mouth turns dry and bitter,
I can no longer speak,
what to say? what to say?
Why do I feel so weak?

My words turn into mush,
I know that I can't hide,
there's so much to say,
But it's locked deep inside.

My secrets won't open,
but somehow, someday it will,
it may take a while,
But I'll love you still.

I guess I'll just have to wait,
and pray that you'll give me a sign,
and maybe, just maybe,
Will you be my Valentine?

+Vaughn Goy
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