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{Book Review} "Dangerous Illusions" by Irene Hannon
Rating: 4/5 An elderly woman's death. A mugging. Embezzlement. Romance. Irene Hannon has packed it all into her latest Code of Honor  novel, Dangerous Illusions. Trish Bailey is still reeling from the unexpected death of her husband and her father. One car ...

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{Book Review} "Deadly Proof" by Rachel Dylan
Rating: 5/5 Deadly Proof is a
legal thriller written by Rachel Dylan, an experienced lawyer. Dylan’s
background lends an element of reality to the story since she has first-hand
knowledge of the legal world. Deadly
Proof is just as exciting as any crime thr...

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{Book Review} "Blind Spot" by Dani Pettrey
Rating: 5/5 Blind Spot is Dani Pettrey's third installment in the Chesapeake Valor series. If you haven't read Cold Shot and Still Life, make sure to read those before diving into Blind Spot.   Enemies. Love. Terrorists. Murder. Fraud. This novel has so man...

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The Importance of Travel
Recently, I went on an eight day trip to Ireland with my roommate and another friend. I expected it to be an adventure, which it definitely was, but my very favorite thing about the trip was how it turned into such a learning experience. I learned so much a...

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Random Questions: November 2017
1. What decision are you glad you made? The decision to move to Budapest to be a teacher. 2. Share some good advice.  Love more.  3. What occupied your mind today?  Mostly things involving teaching 4. What was the best conversation you had today?  I had so ...

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Adventuring in Slovenia
When you're in your twenties, you do really crazy things like wake up at 2am to road trip from Budapest, Hungary to Ljubljana and Lake Bled, Slovenia all in one day. The views were worth it. :) This was my second time visiting Lake Bled, and it is still my ...

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{Book Review} "Fatal Trust" by Todd M. Johnson
Rating: 4/5 Ian Wells just wanted to help his mom out. When his dad, Connor, passes away, Ian takes over his law firm. For five years, things go well as Ian works as an estate lawyer. The job is boring and not what he expected to be doing right after gradua...

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First 50 Days in Hungary
  I've lived in Hungary for 50 days. Here are 50 things I've learned since moving to a foreign country. 1. The simplest things that I do without thinking in America are much harder when there's a language barrier.  2. Observe everything. 3. Pray often. 4. N...

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Random Questions: September 2017
1. What decision do you wish you didn’t have to make?  There are a couple of personal decisions I'm not excited about having to make.  2. What are you questioning?  Everything I think I know the about Hungarian language.  3. What was the most recent thing y...

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Hello, Budapest
I arrived in Budapest (a day late after a cancelled flight) over a week ago. I've spent the past ten days making this place home and learning how to live life here. School officially started today!   View from the top of St. Istvan's Basilica  Mathias Churc...
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