Campaign for Plus One Magazine - need your input

Let's throw around some ideas and launch this thing next week!

Most of you said let's go ahead and try Kickstarter campaign for the first issue of Plus One Magazine. Can't see any downside to trying, so why not?

First, what should be our goal? I'm thinking $5,000. Why? No idea. But sounds like a good goal to set. What do you think?

Second, Kickstarter has levels of support, and here's what I think and where I hope you can provide feedback.

By pledge amounts -

$5 - PDF of the magazine
$15 - same as above + print version mailed to US/Canada address
$20 - same as above - international shipping
$25 - same as abobe + sponsor level (name will be included in sponsors online page on our website + link to sponsors' website)
$75 - sponsor print level - same as above + name will be included in PDF and print version of the magazine
$100 - fine art limited edition issue - same as above + each issue mailed will include one limited edition print from the issue
$500 - advertising - full page ad in the issue of the magazine.

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