Interested in being published for charity? Read this

A bit of a background. Few years ago like most of you I was very active on Flickr. The community was great there and we got together several times and published our own magazine, and a few books focused on photography. Below is a sample of that effort. I had my photos in there, so did +Thomas Hawk , +Ingo Meckmann , +Jerry Lorengo , +Jeremy Brooks and many others. We also wrote articles, interviews, etc.

We never did it for profit. The main goal was to see each other's work in print, which is a whole different experience than seeing it on a monitor. As a result, I still have those books and memories. Loved the result of those efforts.

Who's interested in doing this again? I'm happy to lead the effort as I did in the past, as long as there are those who are willing to participate in the project.

G+Book or something like this - with community so active and generous here, I think we could produce something great.

We can even go one more step further, and donate few bucks from each book or magazine to a charity.

Leave your comment here if you're interested, and I'll add you to the circle for follow up. Also feel free to re-share this post. The more, the merrier.

Magazine or Book?
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