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Lincoln Digital Group
Lincoln Digital Group specializes in creating unique, premium quality solutions for medium and large businesses with integrated digital needs.
Lincoln Digital Group specializes in creating unique, premium quality solutions for medium and large businesses with integrated digital needs.


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True SEO Content Expertise from Lincoln Digital Group in Chicago

Since we were founded in 2010 as a SEO copywriting shop, Lincoln Digital Group has always made it our goal to be on the leading edge of current SEO practices and techniques.

If your business website is lacking in traffic, appears disappointingly low in search listings, or if you just want a little extra boost, LDG has the expertise in content marketing and SEO to bring your goals into reality. Whether your need is custom copywriting, auto dealer content, or other design services, LDG will deliver excellent results with expert SEO.

Digital Marketing Services from LDG: SEO Content and More

Lincoln Digital Group is a firm that delivers superior quality digital marketing services, all with an eye toward your overall SEO performance. In boosting your website’s search ranking, some of Lincoln Digital Group’s proven strategies include blog development and management, integrating SEO best practices into high-quality, relevant content, on-site and off-site linking, and creation and management of top-rated directory submissions.

Utilizing our proven core strategies backed up with the expertise of our team, we’ll analyze keyword opportunities, your current rankings across relevant keywords, and work specifically to improve those results, bringing you the search ranking, Organic traffic, and visibility that your business needs to succeed.

Let Us Help You Create Fantastic SEO Content: Contact LDG Today

Lincoln Digital Group serves medium and large B2C businesses across the US and Canada, earning our clients an annual combined revenue of more than $2,000,000,000 USD in 2012. Will yours be the next business that benefits from our expertise in digital content services? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive in today’s digital world.

Contact LDG online or call 773-360-1687 to speak to our staff about SEO Content and digital marketing services.
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Digital Marketing Services: The Power of Integrated Digital Marketing vs. a Piecemeal Approach

True to our digital marketing (and digital consulting) roots, we at Lincoln Digital Group are offering some insight into the power of integrated digital marketing services, especially when compared to the far-too-common piecemeal approach that marketing plans often utilize.

Piecemeal and single-channel approaches are both pitfalls that are easy to find yourself in. Marketing budgets sometimes can’t support the financial investment required to spearhead a fully-integrated campaign from the get-go. Other times, we invest too much stock in one particular channel because it may have proven to be more successful than others in the past. Other times still, it’s simply easier to do less and be satisfied with the results from a campaign that’s a breeze to execute — even if it leaves your business short of its full potential.

So, ask yourself: do you have any “sacred cows” or “go-to channels” that are blocking the bigger picture of your marketing strategy? Are you satisfied on Easy Street, or are you hungry for more? What could you optimize, integrate with other channels and services, or eliminate entirely in order to generate outsized results from an integrated marketing approach?

Integrated Marketing: Important Aspects & Key Benefits

With consumers increasingly splitting their screen time between multiple devices and platforms, some advertisers might be intimated by the thought of launching an integrated campaign. How are you supposed to compete for the attention of consumers when there are so many channels for them to choose from? At Lincoln Digital Group, we think of this and other supposed “obstacles” of integrated marketing as opportunities.

Yes, people are splitting their time among various screens, with 35% of total screen time spent on smartphones, 26% on laptops and 12% on tablet, according to Millward Brown’s AdReaction 2014 Global Report. Taken altogether, these digital platforms account for 83% of the average consumer’s total daily screen time. That means 83% of consumers are interacting with multiple screens and platforms, offering advertisers multiple touch-points between them and their integrated digital marketing campaign. Why is a campaign that leverages multiple channels and touch-points so powerful?

-Content published in 2-3 channels experiences 24% higher engagement.*
-60% of multichannel marketers reported increases of more than 10% in revenue that are attributed to marketing programs**
-Integrated marketing offers opportunities to overcome resistance to ads on digital screens. Mobile-friendly, shareable content that entertains first and informs second has shown to be the most successful.*

Integrated Digital Marketing Services Open a World of Marketing Opportunities

The answers to your marketing questions and concerns aren’t always simple and easy. Just as most of us don’t have any true sacred cows, there aren’t any magical ways of providing a quick and easy fix to any business’ grand scheme of marketing — especially in today’s ever-changing digital age. But, there are certain strategies and formulas that prove more effective than others. And, in our clients’ experience, integrated digital marketing is the smartest and surest of shots to take.

Here’s one integrated digital marketing services formula that would maximize marketing effectiveness and value for any given business:

Responsive Website Development: Your website is not only your storefront, it’s where your objectives are met. From e-commerce to brand awareness and user engagement, a website needs to be top-notch if you want to achieve your goals. And when Lincoln Digital Group builds a website, you can be certain it will be responsive, which means it’s functionally and aesthetically optimal while delivering a consistent experience across all device-types, from desktop to mobile to tablet. This multi-device consistency is especially important when developing a site as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

Creative Services: Design, site content and ad copy are the essence of your brand and business to a customer or prospect, which is why we invest so much strategy, thinking and planning into creative development. Sometimes, how you look is all a prospect has in order to formulate a decision about whether they want to do business with you. And from smartphone apps and responsive websites, to display ads and print sales material, Lincoln Digital Group possesses the skills and experience to maximize your marketing opportunity both online and off.

SEO: So, you have a great-looking, effective website. But how will users get there? Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when performed correctly, can be a constant source of acquiring traffic, prospects and sales. How? Keep reading.
Content Marketing, Social Media & Blog Management: There’s no golden arrow that will earn your website top-ranking search results on Google or Bing. That’s why content marketing is so important. To us, content marketing ranges from blog publication and social media initiatives to videos, articles and more. The reason for this holistic approach is because, despite what other marketers might tell you, the only tried and true way to optimize your site for search engines is produce relevant, timely and high-quality content that can be accessed and shared through multiple avenues — which is how search engines judge your site’s suitability for being matched with a particular search query.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is an exceptional way to drive a large amount of users to your website or online campaign presence in a short amount of time. This ingredient of the marketing mix is perfect for announcing new campaign initiatives, websites, products and more. However, return visitors are only gained if you have the content to support them, which reaffirms the importance of content marketing.

Mobile Marketing: We’ve all noticed the trend: everywhere people are on their phones, away from their computers, waiting for information to be delivered to them. Mobile marketing helps you keep pace with the trend, offering more connections between customers, prospects and your campaign objectives. Most importantly, mobile marketing places your business in the palm of your 
customer’s hand (or their pocket) wherever they may be in the world.

Mobile App Design & Development: Mobile apps allow you to engage customers and prospects in entirely new ways, often enhancing a campaign’s effectiveness across all channels. Want to offer your customers access to personalized, secure information with one tap?  let customers know whenever you release a new offer, product or incentive? If they have your app installed, you can let them know right away with a push notification.
Video SEO Management: Now that users are spending more and more time consuming video content (e.g. YouTube), video SEO management is becoming increasingly critical to keep rank among the established search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

In-depth, On-going SEO Management: Integrated digital marketing services reap the greatest benefits when they are managed over a long period of time. For instance, the benefits of content marketing may take a month or two to be seen in SEO performance. When it comes to integrated, the name of the game is endurance, not a one-and-done sprint.

My Budget is Limited. Can I Even Afford Integrated Digital Marketing Services?

It’s true, integrated campaigns require more initiatives, and thus it would seem obvious that they would cost more than a single-channel or traditional-only campaign. But, the truth is that integrated marketing services often replace some existing costs, and deliver far more value than any initiatives you may launch in a silo. With integrated marketing, 1+1 = Many More than 2.

Want to learn more for yourself? Contact Lincoln Digital Group today. We’d be happy to begin the conversation with a free web evaluation and/or SEO report that will help us begin building a integrated digital marketing services campaign for you.

Lincoln Digital Group Provides Premier Digital Marketing Services & Digital Marketing Consulting Experience

At Lincoln Digital Group, we pride ourselves on helping clients help their bottom-line. That’s why we begin every relationship with an assessment of your website’s current performance, SEO performance and more. That way, we ensure that we are as knowledgeable and considerate of your goals and challenges as you are, so we can be the most effective in building an integrated digital marketing services campaign for you.

Contact Lincoln Digital Group today by calling 773-360-1687 for immediate assistance with integrated marketing.
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Insights on Mobile Marketing from a Chicago Digital Agency: Lincoln Digital Group’s Approach to Mobile Marketing, Smartphone App Development and More

Mobile marketing too often doesn’t receive the precedence or attention that it deserves -- even in spite of booming smartphone usage for research and shopping. As of June 2013, online retail shopping on mobile devices surpassed laptop/desktop usage with 55% of all online retail purchases occurring on mobile devices, according to comScore.

If you’ve tried to break into mobile marketing before, it’s likely that the channel and its capabilities were added “a la carte” to your marketing plan or appended to a larger campaign as an afterthought. You’re not alone. That's because the all-too-common approach to mobile marketing is usually to pare down a larger campaign’s strategy and objectives in order to match the mobile platform, rather than build a mobile-focused (or mobile-first) campaign from the start.

As experts in mobile marketing, Lincoln Digital Group is here to tell you there’s a better approach to mobile marketing. And we have the experience and expertise to show for it.

Why Mobile Marketing Matters: Key Benefits & Insights

Mobile marketing is becoming vital to every brand's success now that consumers are more often splitting their screen time among the TV, smartphones, tablets and laptops. Here are just a few reasons why mobile marketing matters for the success of your campaign and bottom-line:

-Mobile campaigns have a greater brand impact than standalone online campaigns, likely due to the lack of clutter on a mobile browser or app screen compared to a laptop browser, according MarketNorms® evidence presented in the Millward Brown AdReaction 2014 Global Report.
-Content published on 2-3 channels experiences 24% higher engagement, according to Michael Lewis’ Stand Out Social Marketing (2012).
-74% of all US Smartphone Users use Facebook, 48% of all users use YouTube, 48% use Google Search, 44% use Pandora Radio, and 29% use Instagram (comScore Reports April 2014 U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share). Many of these apps, such as Facebook, Pandora Radio and Instagram are mobile-first platforms due to a greater proportion of users being on mobile devices rather than desktops or laptops. That means that no matter what, if you're new to the mobile marketing game, once you integrate the capabilities and audiences across these mobile applications and platforms, you will certainly see an increase in your campaign's reach.

Integrated Mobile Marketing from Lincoln Digital Group: A Better Approach to the Mobile Eco-System

Mobile marketing can be immensely beneficial to your marketing campaigns and bottom line, no matter what your objectives are or which industry you operate in. With Lincoln Digital Group’s mobile marketing expertise, we can help you:

-Increase sales and revenue
-Improve lead generation and lead nurture tactics
-Improve customer retention
-Increase awareness
-Increase website traffic
-Improve Organic search performance (SEO)
-Offer better customer service

The key to successfully delivering on these objectives is building a campaign with a mobile-friendly user experience and functionality at its core. In other words, you need to integrate your mobile marketing strategy into the rest of your marketing efforts from the beginning, so both can serve your marketing goals in tandem.

Our Chicago Mobile Marketing Experts Know Where to Start

If you’re not sure how or where to start when integrating mobile marketing into your digital strategy, there’s no need to worry. That’s where the mobile marketing gurus at Lincoln Digital Group come in. For starters, we develop:

Mobile-friendly (i.e. “responsive”) websites that support your SEO, SEM, display and social media campaigns
iPhone and Android apps that offer entirely new ways to engage your users and generate more points of contact, richer experiences, and more revenue for your business.
Creative development, deployment and management to drive users to the applications, websites and online experiences we build for you, including tactics such as:
-Custom Mobile App Development
-SMS and Push Notification Marketing
-Mobile Display Ads
-Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns
-Mobile Website Search & Conversion Optimization
-Design/Development Of Various Other Custom Technologies designed to support Mobile marketing, such as middleware, APIs, modules and more
-Geo-Fencing and other location-based marketing services

Did you know? Consumers increasingly prefer apps over browsers when it comes to online shopping, with 49% of all smartphone shoppers and 45% of tablet shoppers stating that they are interested in shopping on a brand’s app rather than an  browser, according to the 2013 Adobe Digital Index Report on Retail App Usage.

And what’s more, we devise and execute all of these tactics, as well as other aspects of your marketing efforts, in order to generate the most digital-marketing synergy possible. When it comes to our brand of mobile marketing, there’s no end to the ways that Lincoln Digital Group can make mobile work harder, smarter and more effectively for your brand and your bottom line.

Lincoln Digital Group Innovative Car Dealer Mobile Marketing Breakthrough: Braman Motorcars' DMS-Integrated Dealer Smartphone App

When it comes to our ability to develop effective mobile marketing campaigns for your business, don’t take our word for it. Just look at one of our recent successes: the world’s first-ever ADP DMS-integrated automotive dealer smartphone app, created and launched by Lincoln Digital Group for Braman Motorcars.

As a premier Audi, Bentley, BMW, MINI, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce sales/service location and #2 multi-franchise dealership in the USA based on revenue[i], Braman Motorcars is known for exceptional branding and service that enhances the customer experience both inside and outside of the dealership. With its penchant for innovation and focus on delivering high-quality experiences, Lincoln Digital Group was the perfect partner to co-create this pioneering ADP DMS-integrated automotive dealer smartphone app.

The DMS dealer mobile app provides Braman customers with an exclusive and unparalleled level of convenience and automation. Users can view vehicle and service specials that are constantly updated, automatically schedule service appointments in real-time based on Braman Service Center availability, and even contact a Service Advisor or Sales Associate with one click. And when a customer arrives at Braman for service, they can automatically and seamlessly monitor the real-time repair status of a their vehicle -- delivering total convenience to the consumer in real-time.

Since it launched in March, 2013, more than 5,000 users have downloaded the app for iPhone and Android devices and Lincoln Digital Group and has generated more than 800 phone inquiries to the dealership in January - August 2014.

A Unique, Almost Unfair, Mobile Advantage

Even since the advent of advertising, people have the most important and unique asset that any agency can leverage. People are what make the agency unique, creative, and effective in their areas of focus. It's no different with mobile marketing, and that's why we want to share some of our people's unique expertise in mobile marketing with you.

Lincoln Digital Group Founder, CEO and Creative Director Justin Cerone has deep mobile marketing and development experience, and has contributed his mobile marketing knowledge to AutoSuccess, Dealer Marketing Magazine, and Canadian Dealer Magazine as a result. The same passion, insight and dedication he's brought to previous mobile marketing and development engagements will be committed to your business when choosing to work with Lincoln Digital Group.

Are You Ready to Take Your Mobile Marketing to the Next Level with Lincoln Digital Group?

If you’re still unsure about how Lincoln Digital Group can improve your mobile marketing strategy and business performance, ask yourself three questions:

Are my websites, marketing campaigns and marketing strategy fully prepared and optimized for mobile users?
Is my mobile marketing strategy on par with my other digital initiatives or could I leverage mobile marketing to a greater degree?
Is mobile traffic comparable to desktop traffic on my website, social media pages or other online points of contact? Or, does desktop traffic continue to dominate my traffic mix?
If you answer “no” to any of the above, or are simply unsure of where to start in answering those questions, contact Lincoln Digital Group today. We can help you and your marketing campaigns perform better for mobile users and your bottom line.

Contact Lincoln Digital Group online or call 773-360-1687 for immediate assistance. We’ll be happy to help.

[i] #2 2012 Revenue Ranking based on to Ward’s Automotive Magazine.
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