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Kallare Falls :A Mystical Natural Wonder
We ate breakfast
enjoyed every sip and aroma of our coffee even our conversations were deeper.
We all took our time that morning because we were about to face challenge,
exploring the majestic Kallare Falls. We set out on the
roads to feel the mountain wind...
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Gundigadde Falls
It was a breathtaking
drive, we spent most of the drive in silence completely overwhelmed by the
beauty around us. After 3 hours bike ride we finally reached the village. It was
such an amazing experience to get a glimpse of the people’s lives there, the
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Sannahirekai Falls
The First part of the journey was relaxed normal roads, paddy fields,
waterfalls and the always stunning views of Jungles. The road snakes around the
mountains and cuts through beautiful Jungle scenery and gorgeous green fields after
a few more windy roads ...
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Akkinkodlu waterfalls
Akkinkodlu trek has given me a
lot of my needed adventures from the heavy downpour, middle of the jungle, to
the difficult downer stream trek while we were all soaking wet. These are the
kind of experiences that can definitely make better and tougher. A sim...
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Monsoon mania, Nagarabare Waterfalls
I fantasized to trek a
place that was free from human intervention associated with risks and filled
with challenges. Lush greenery, rich flora fauna, waterfalls all around, foggy
atmosphere, frequent drizzles and refreshing breeze were my expectations. Expl...
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Suryanarayana Temple, Magala
Magala village situated in Hadagali taluk of Bellery
district is famous for Kalyana Chalukyan temples. One such temple is the Suryanarayana
Temple constructed in 1209 A.D. by Sameyada Garuda Marmmarasa of Magala. This
temple is an ornate Chalukyan structure...
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Bhimeshvara Temple, Nilagunda
Nilagunda was an important village with artistic activities
during the time of the Chalukyas of Kalyana.  Nilagunda is famous for Shiva temple built by
the Chalukyas of Kalyana and located on the bank of huge lake and surrounded by
hillocks of sandstone ami...
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Kallesvara Temple, Bagali
It would be
hard to explain and understand that how village which remained a centre of
attraction almost for about six centuries lost its glory and went into
oblivion. Bagali narrates its story in about 45 odd inscriptions spanning
across 6 centuries and 4 ...
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Huvinahadagali, The village of flower boat
The Kallesvara temple in
the town of Huvinahadagali, is a Kalyana Chalukyas temple as evidenced by an
inscription of Kalideva has been dated to 11 th century A.D. Huvina hadagali
has a group of temples each with separate deity and are referred to as Kallesv...
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