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Dobrze od czasu do czasu takie newsy poczytać.

W czasach gdy słabą wydajność rozwiązuje się kupieniem kilku nowych rdzeni w procku, zwiększenie wydajności przez upgrade sterowników cieszy.

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Jakby kogoś interesowało to przeniosłem moją G+ aktywność na

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future is bright :)
Our first +Web Components talk this year:
Inspector Web and the Mystery of the Shadow DOM by +Angelina Fabbro 

Many of us have heard about web components and shadow DOM elements as up-and-coming technologies for front-end development. They certainly sound cool, but what can they actually be used for, right now? At the time of writing this proposal, there aren’t a lot of good tutorials to get started using them available on the web. We’ll take a look at the proposed W3C spec and the current state of implementation (including libraries and polyfills for cross-browser niceness), but we’ll also go a step further and dive into the DOM with live coding to show what can be done with JavaScript to play with these components and how they can be used for rapid wireframe and prototype development.

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Chromium is NOT more secure than Google Chrome.

I hear the opposite quite a lot and I'd like to explain you in short what are the differences between Chromium and Google Chrome.

Chromium is simply the open-source project behind Google Chrome.

Google Chrome™ = Chromium™ + Non-Free 3rd Party Programs

This is why you have a Chrome PDF Viewer, Adobe Flash and MP3 support in Google Chrome for instance

Google open-sourced Google Updater Technology aka Omaha and uses it for Google Chrome whereas Chromium does not come with Update.

Google Chrome™ = Chromium™ + Google Updater

This is why Google Chrome is updated in 10 hours when a security bug is discovered whereas you have to do it by yourself if you downloaded Chromium.

Google Chrome is bundled with metrics reports and crash reporting whereas Chromium contains none.

Google Chrome™ = Chromium™ + User Metrics + Crash Report

Those are opt-in options. They are not activated by default.

More differences are available at

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Co myślicie o tym phonie?

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HTC Desire + Android 4.1 + SD-ext = jest moc :)

znalazłem super tipa dla KO 3.3: pozbyc sie wszystkich modułów KO i używać composera w celu skorzystania z dobrych libów. 
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