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Attempting the impossible on a daily basis
Attempting the impossible on a daily basis

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This just in...

Airspace regulators around the world have issued a stern warning to drone operators. A representative for the word's regulators told a press conference today:

"Those who have drones should avoid flying them after dark on the 24th of December. A failure to adhere to this advice could result in a collision between a drone and other legitimate airspace users, such as Santa Claus."

Regulators and the media have regularly warned drone operators that their reckless activities (called flying) creates huge risk to aircraft, helicopters, wildlife and the cute little fairies at the bottom of your garden.

"It is only a matter of time before a drone (perhaps disguised as a supermarket shopping bag) brings down an A380 filled with orphans this Christmas. What's more, it's highly likely that that A380 will plunge into one (or more) hospitals when it hits the ground, killing all in side. All our attempts to control drone operators, including registration, frowning, ignoring Casey Neistat and such, have had little effect and we're getting very cross. Pretty soon we're going to have to put down our stampy-foot!"

Others have challenged the regulators' assertions by pointing out that no recreational drone has ever killed anyone or been hit by a full-sized aircraft in the entire history of recreational drone flying.

"The commie, Nazi, ISIS supporters who challenge our risk assessments are as guilty as those who actually fly these evil flying demons" the spokesman for regulators said in response to such claims.

So please, be careful with your evil baby-killing drones this Christmas. How would you like to be the one who, through your reckless disregard for the rules which have been created by those who know nothing about that which they regulated, killed Santa.

A Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year my friends.

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And they tell us (with a straight face) that a 250g toy "drone" will bring down an airliner?

What are the world's regulators smoking?

Surely it's now time to register all bird-owners and breeders, since mid-air collisions between birds and aircraft result in over $400m damage every year. The cost of mid-air collisions between drones and aircraft? ZERO!

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Hmmm... did I start something with this video?

Compare the model in my YouTube video to the DIY ISIS drone pictured in this news story:

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LOL... wow, forget your crappy old lipos, if you're an FPV racer then just look at the specs on these batteries. Wow, where can I get some labels like this for my tired old packs? That C-rating, it's "almost" unbelievable eh? And those XT60 connectors must be pretty slick to handle a peak current of more than 300A. Fantastic! (pffffft!)

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For those interested, I should  (the technology gods allowing) be part of the sUASNews hangout discussion which starts today at about 2100GMT.

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Interesting stuff going on in the USA on the eve of the part 107 FAA regulations coming into effect.

Nobody seems to know whether FPV flying will have to operate under 107 (and thus require a license) and everyone seems to have a different opinion.  Where are the facts?

This story on Forbes seems to suggest that all FPV flying will now become a part 107 operation.

Others however, believe that the general exemption for people operating under the rules of a "community based organization" (CBO) will allow FPV to be conducted without the need for a 107 license.

Just scanning the FAA documents however, it would appear very much as if part 107 will apply because of the cunning way the FAA redefined what is a model and what is an SUAS.  To qualify as an RC model, the craft must be flown within visual line of sight of the pilot using unaided vision (ie: without goggles).

If that redefinition applies (and I see no reason why it would not) the effect will be that anything flown FPV becomes not an RC Model but an SUAS and therefore can't be operated outside of 107.

My thinking is that perhaps the FAA didn't intend to force FPV pilots to go the 107 route but their incompetence has effectively dictated that.  This is a really bad situation because it produces a regulation that FPV fliers will be forced to violate in order to continue flying -- but which won't be enforced by the FAA.

Regulations which the issuing authority allows you to violate are VERY bad regulations which should not exist.  Let's hope they fix that up soon.

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Here's something really cool!!

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FrSky Horus for under a buck? (LOL).

Me thinks the price isn't for real.

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It looks as if it's going to become even harder to get lithium batteries shipped internationally. Sigh!

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This is what happens when you live in a town where flying RC models in the parks, reserves and other public areas is forbidden by order of the local council. Hell, let the doctors fly their planes and multirotors in the parks and they'll be queuing to come here (LOL).
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